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Vaping on the Go: Top 10 Small Vapes You Can’t Miss in 2023

When it comes to vaping, size does matter—but not in the way you might think. As vaping technology has evolved, small vape kits and mods have gained traction for offering the same satisfying experience as their larger counterparts, but with added convenience. Miniature vape devices provide the ultimate combination of portability and power, making them the perfect choice for vapers looking for discreet, on-the-go options.

Gone are the days when small vape devices were considered inferior. Advances in chip and battery technology have endowed these little wonders with features like temperature control and even high wattage capabilities. Indeed, many of today’s best small vapes can go toe-to-toe with the “big boys” in terms of performance and feature set. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in ease of use, discretion, and portability.

Another advantage of small vapes is their compatibility with pod systems, another compact option that has taken the vaping community by storm. Unlike bulky mods that can be cumbersome to carry and draw attention, pod vapes and small mods are all about discretion without sacrificing performance. But don’t mistake their size for weakness; these petite devices can deliver the flavor and throat hit you crave.

When it comes to selecting the perfect small vape, you’re not just limited to basic features. You’ll find options that can be as stylish and sophisticated as a Louis Vuitton bag, adding a touch of luxury to your vaping experience. These small vapes are more than just accessories; they are statements of lifestyle and convenience. Whether you’re globe-trotting or pub-hopping, these devices easily fit into your pocket or bag, making them the ultimate travel companion.


Small Vapes
  • Striking, Transparent Design
  • Versatile Pod Options
  • Exceptional Flavor
  • 18-Minute Fast Charging
  • Smart Draw Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • No Pass-thru Charging
  • PD Charger Needed
  • Small 2ml Capacity
  • Dimensions: 74.6mm x 46.7mm x 17.4mm
  • Pods: 2ml capacity, replaceable pods
  • Battery Size: 800mAh
  • Firing Method: Draw activated firing
  • Draw: Tight MTL to loose MTL
  • Adjustable Airflow: Yes
  • Adjustable Wattage: No (up to 20W)
  • Charging Type: Type-C PD fast charging

The VOOPOO Argus P1 stands out as a top choice in the world of pod vapes for numerous reasons, beginning with its striking design. Composed of a sleek zinc alloy frame and transparent polycarbonate, this device is as eye-catching as it is efficient. Not only do you get a glimpse of the circuitry, but the transparent design adds a futuristic and high-end touch that’s bound to impress.

Let’s talk about the pods. The Argus P1 is compatible with VOOPOO’s line of Argus pods, offering you versatility with two pods included in the box: a 0.7? and a 1.2?, both with built-in coils. These pods cater to different vaping styles, with the 0.7? allowing for a looser MTL draw, and the 1.2? offering a tighter experience.

Flavor production is another area where this device excels. Both pods provide a burst of flavor that is superior to most pod systems in the market, maintaining this quality over multiple refills.

One feature that truly sets the Argus P1 apart is the GENE AI 1.2 chipset, which adjusts the strength of your draw based on your inhalation. The device even has four LEDs to indicate the wattage level as you vape, a unique touch that enhances user experience.

Fast charging is another strong suit of the Argus P1. With a PD fast charger, you can juice up the 800mAh battery from empty to full in just 18 minutes. Even if you’re using a standard charger, a 30-minute charge time is still impressively quick.

The VOOPOO Argus P1 isn’t just about looks; it delivers on performance, convenience, and innovation. With its robust feature set—from adjustable airflow to rapid charging—this pod system stands as a top contender in 2023. Equipped with cutting-edge technology like the GENE AI 1.2 Chip and ITO atomization, the Argus P1 offers an unparalleled vaping experience, making it an easy top pick for this year.

Geekvape Wenax U

Small Vapes
  • Ultra-Compact Design
  • Impressive 1000mAh Battery
  • Variable Wattage Settings
  • Efficient Pre-installed Coils
  • Convenient Lanyard Included
  • Ideal for MTL Vaping
  • Lacks Display Screen
  • Limited Wattage Range
  • GeekVape Wenax U Kit
  • 2ml Refillable Pod
  • 1000mAh Built-In Battery
  • Delivers Up To 20W
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL & RDTL Vaping

The Geekvape Wenax U stands out as an epitome of discretion and portability. Measuring just 78.2mm x 35.4mm x 17.25mm, this vape fits seamlessly into pockets and purses, making it the ultimate travel companion. Despite its petite size, it packs a remarkable 1000mAh battery, ensuring an all-day vaping experience.

One of its unique features is the adjustable wattage, offering three power levels up to 20W, catering to most MTL vaping needs. The Geekvape U Pods come with pre-installed coils, simplifying the vaping process. Once the coil’s lifespan is up, simply dispose of it and use a new pod.

An included lanyard offers extra convenience, ensuring you keep your Wenax U within arm’s reach—essential given its small stature. While it lacks a display screen and has a limited wattage range, its stealth, battery life, and customization options make it a standout option for those seeking a discreet and enduring pod system.

Freemax Galex Nano

Small Vapes
  • Star Wars-Inspired Design
  • Versatile LED Themes
  • 800mAh Battery
  • Custom Power Modes
  • Easy Top Filling
  • Mesh Coils for Flavor
  • Limited Vapour Output
  • Single-Button Operation
  • Slim Refillable Pod Kit
  • 800mAh Battery
  • Single Button Operation
  • Inhale Activation
  • MTL Vaping
  • Mesh Coils

The Freemax Galex Nano comes across as a sleek, pocket-sized vape with an aesthetic reminiscent of something straight out of Star Wars. Its translucent chipset panel provides an array of LED themes in colors like red, gold, and gunmetal, matching any mood or style.

Specs-wise, it doesn’t disappoint either. With dimensions of 53mm x 19.7mm x 76.9mm and an 800mAh battery, it offers a blend of compactness and longevity. It features three adjustable power modes for MTL vaping, giving you the freedom to customize your experience.

Operating the device is simple, thanks to a single button. You can also inhale directly through the mouthpiece. Although this might be a con for those who like multiple control options, it streamlines the vaping process for users who prefer straightforward functionality.

The device comes with a 2ml Galex pod and two mesh coils, promising an enhanced flavor profile. Its top-filling design adds to the convenience, allowing you to refill without removing the pod. Compatible with a range of e-liquids, the Galex Nano stands as a versatile choice for any vaper.

Caliburn Koko Prime

Small Vapes
  • Compact and Light
  • 690mAh Battery
  • Custom Airflow Options
  • Interchangeable Panels
  • Top-Fill, Removable Coils
  • Dual Coil Options
  • Non-Adjustable Wattage
  • Limited E-Liquid Capacity
  • Refillable Pod Kit
  • 690mAh Built-In Battery
  • 15W Output
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Inhale Activated
  • Interchangeable Decorative Panels
  • Dual Airflow System
  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Removable Coils
  • Top Fill
  • Compatible With Caliburn G Pod & Coils

The Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime stands as the newest member of the revered Caliburn series, maintaining its legacy of compact and lightweight design. Measuring just a pocket-size, the device comes with a robust 690mAh battery, capable of outputting up to 15W. What sets this pod kit apart is its dual airflow system, allowing users to customize their vaping experience simply by flipping the pod.

But customization doesn’t end there. You can switch out decorative panels to match your style. Plus, it offers a top-fill system and removable coils, making maintenance a breeze. It’s compatible with Caliburn G pods and coils, giving you the flexibility to choose between a 0.8 Ohm mesh coil or a 1.0 Ohm standard coil.

Despite its array of features, the Koko Prime has a few limitations. The 15W output isn’t adjustable, and the 2ml e-liquid capacity might not be enough for all-day vapers. Nonetheless, its pros far outweigh its cons, making it an ideal option for vapers across all levels, especially those making the switch from smoking.

Geekvape Aegis Mini

Small Vapes
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Shock and Dustproof
  • Quick Charging
  • Versatile Output Modes
  • Large E-Liquid Capacity
  • Strong 2200mAh Battery
  • Limited to 80W
  • Non-Removable Battery
  • Dimensions: 30.6mm by 58.5mm by 78mm
  • IP67 Waterproof | Dustproof | Shockproof
  • 2200mAh Battery makes for long battery life
  • Good for all levels of vaper
  • 80w output power
  • Superb Build quality
  • 2 Amp Fast charging – 80% charge in 30 minutes

The GeekVape Aegis Mini lives up to its family name by offering rugged durability in a smaller, more portable package. The mod comes with a sturdy die-cast aluminum frame, advanced injection molding technology, and an ergonomic leather grip. You can expect top-notch durability with its IP67 waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof design.

The internal 2200mAh battery is a beast, providing ample power for extended vaping sessions. Plus, it can charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes, so you’re never left waiting. This mod isn’t just about ruggedness; it also delivers versatility with multiple output modes like Power/Wattage, VPC, TC-TCR, and BYPASS mode.

The kit includes the high-performance GeekVape Cerberus Tank, offering a generous 5.5ml e-liquid capacity and compatibility with various GeekVape Super Mesh Coils. The tank even works with SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Coils.

However, it’s worth noting that the mod is limited to an 80W output and has a non-removable battery. But even with these limitations, the GeekVape Aegis Mini stands as a robust, versatile option for vapers seeking durability and performance in a compact form.

Uwell Caliburn A3

Small Vapes
  • Powerful 1000mAh Battery
  • Inhale Activation
  • Flexible MTL/RDTL Vaping
  • Pulse Mode Boosts Flavor
  • Stylish and Portable
  • Long-lasting Pods
  • Lips Open for RDL
  • Pods Not Fully Visible
  • MTL Refillable Pod Kit
  • 13W Output
  • 520mAh Integrated Battery
  • Inhale Activation
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Built-In Coils

The Uwell Caliburn A3 is a user-friendly pod kit that caters especially to fans of MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping. With its built-in 520mAh battery and 13W maximum output, it strikes a balance between power and portability. One of its standout features is the dual activation system; you can either inhale to activate or use the standard firing button, making it versatile for different vaping styles.

This device comes with 2ml refillable pods that deliver an authentic MTL experience, closely mimicking the feel of a traditional cigarette. It’s compatible with both 50/50 and high PG e-liquids, offering you a wide variety of flavor options.

While the Caliburn A3 excels in many areas, it’s not without its downsides. The pod options are limited to 1.0 Ohm, and the e-juice window is only on one side, making it harder to gauge liquid levels. The fill cap also requires a bit of finesse to remove. Nonetheless, for vapers seeking a straightforward, reliable MTL device, the Caliburn A3 is an excellent choice.


Small Vapes
  • Powerful 1000mAh Battery
  • Inhale Activation
  • Flexible MTL/RDTL Vaping
  • Pulse Mode Boosts Flavor
  • Stylish and Portable
  • Long-lasting Pods
  • Lips Open for RDL
  • Pods Not Fully Visible
  • RDTL & MTL Vaping
  • Built-In 1000mAh Battery
  • Inhale Activated
  • Pulse Mode
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Integrated Coils

The Vaporesso Xros 3 offers a straightforward yet versatile vaping experience, ideal for both new and seasoned vapers. Its built-in 1000mAh battery ensures long vaping sessions, easily rechargeable via a Type-C port. The kit includes two pod options: a 2ml refillable Xros pod with a built-in RDTL coil and a spare MTL pod. This allows you to switch between different inhale styles effortlessly.

Featuring inhale activation technology, it eliminates the fuss of buttons and menus. Just puff to activate, and you’re good to go. It also comes with a Pulse Mode, powered by its AXON chip, which intensifies both the power and flavor of your vape.

The device’s top-fill design makes refilling a breeze, and its leak-resistant technology minimizes mess. With adjustable airflow and mesh-designed built-in coils, you can customize your vape for optimal flavor and cloud production. The Xros 3 is not only functional but also stylish, available in eight different colors. It’s an all-around excellent device, but if you prefer an RDL vape, you’ll need to adjust your lip positioning slightly. Overall, the Vaporesso Xros 3 offers a fulfilling and customizable vaping experience.


Small Vapes
  • Simple User Interface
  • High-Flavor Output
  • Multi-Pod Compatibility
  • Flexible E-Juice Options
  • Durable Pod Life
  • Quick Type-C Charging
  • Single Pod Included
  • Limited to Loose MTL
  • 5-20W Output Range
  • 1000mAh Built-In Battery
  • Smart Wattage
  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Top Filling
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Multiple Safety Features

The Geekvape Sonder Q stands out for its uncomplicated, user-friendly design, making it ideal for vapers of all levels. With a robust 1000mAh battery, the device ensures long-lasting performance. The smart wattage adjustment adds to the convenience by auto-selecting the power output based on the pod inserted, freeing you from manual setting adjustments.

Inhale activation and a buttonless interface make operation a breeze. The LED indicator efficiently signals when it’s time for a recharge, which is easily done via a Type-C USB cable. The device also offers precise airflow control for a tailored vaping experience.

One of the strong suits of the Sonder Q is its Q series pods, which deliver excellent flavor and are noted for their longevity. These pods can handle a variety of e-juices, and their top-fill design simplifies the refill process. Despite its many advantages, the device could offer more versatility by including more than one pod and better catering to fans of super-tight MTL vaping. Overall, the Sonder Q by Geekvape is a solid choice for those seeking simplicity without sacrificing performance.

SMOK Novo 4 

Small Vapes
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Replaceable Coils
  • Fast Type-C Charging
  • OLED Screen Features
  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Robust Zinc Alloy Build
  • Limited MTL Experience
  • Single Pod Included
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • Easy to use
  • Variable wattage (25W Max)
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 800mAh battery
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity

The SMOK NOVO 4 is a revolution in the NOVO series, pushing the envelope with new features like adjustable airflow control and replaceable coils. Its enhanced LP1 coil system offers various vaping experiences, from soft and mellow to a richer, throat-hitting flavor. The device is housed in a durable zinc alloy and offers a quick Type-C charging option that takes only 90 minutes for a full charge.

The OLED screen conveniently displays all your vaping data and allows for easy wattage adjustments with just a few clicks. The device also comes with several safety features including an 8-second cut-off and low voltage protection. While it takes a step forward in many aspects, it falls slightly short in providing a more nuanced MTL vaping experience and comes with just a single pod. Overall, the NOVO 4 stands as a strong contender in the pod vape market, particularly for those who enjoy DTL vaping.

Voopoo Drag E60

Small Vapes
  • Long-lasting 2550mAh Battery
  • Versatile 5-60W Output
  • Smart & Eco Modes
  • PnP Coil Compatibility
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Compact Build
  • Fixed Mouthpiece
  • No Use When Locked
  • Built-In 2550mAh Battery
  • 5 – 60W Output
  • Smart Mode & Eco Mode
  • Compact Build
  • 2ml Top-Filling Pod
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Compatible With VooPoo PNP Coils

The VooPoo Drag E60 is a compact vape kit that packs a powerful punch. Equipped with a 2550mAh built-in battery, this small device can churn out up to 60W, making it perfect for DTL vaping. Its Smart mode recognizes the coil you’ve installed and adjusts the wattage accordingly, while the Eco mode kicks in at 40% charge to maximize battery life. The kit is also compatible with VooPoo’s wide range of PnP coils, giving you the flexibility to switch between DTL and MTL vaping.

The E60 comes with a 2ml PnP Pod II, which is easily refillable via its top-filling design. While the pod offers adjustable airflow, the mouthpiece itself is not interchangeable, which could be a drawback for some users. Another downside is the device’s inability to be used when it’s locked. Despite these minor setbacks, the Drag E60 stands as one of the most versatile and reliable compact vape kits on the market.

Different Types of Pod Vapes

When you step into the world of pod vapes, you’ll quickly realize that there’s more than one type to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and features. Generally, pod vapes can be categorized into three main types: Traditional Pod Vapes, AIO (All-In-One) Pod Vapes, and Pod Mods.

Traditional Pod Vapes are the simplest form and perfect for newcomers. They come with built-in, non-removable batteries and feature either button or draw-activated firing mechanisms. These are convenient and straightforward, although they usually lack advanced settings like adjustable wattage.

AIO Pod Vapes, like their traditional counterparts, come with non-removable batteries but stand apart by offering replaceable coils. This feature allows for some customization, often providing adjustable wattage and airflow control for a more tailored experience.

Pod Mods are the titans of the pod vape world. They usually boast larger batteries and feature-rich settings like variable wattage. Unlike traditional and AIO pod vapes, some pod mods can even accommodate external batteries for extended longevity. The key difference lies in their pod-style tanks that attach magnetically, bringing you closer to a box mod experience without the bulk.

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