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Starship Vape: The Triple Threat of Three Heating Elements

Starship Vape


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • 3 heating elements.
  • Versatile cartridge/coil combos.
  • Bong attachment included.
  • Quick charge: 1.5 hrs.
  • Type-C charging.
  • Three power levels.
  • Screw-in 510 thread.
  • High-quality circuit board.
  • High cost: ~$80.
  • No ink cartridges.
  • Size might be bulky.
  • Limited color options.

As an e-cigarette evaluation expert, the Hamilton Devices Starship is a game-changer in the vape world. With its unique 3 heating element setup and the bonus of a bong attachment, it takes vaping to a new level. While it’s not the cheapest option and cartridges aren’t included, its quick charging and versatile power levels offer a customizable experience. It’s a power hitter and a conversation starter, wrapped in one.

Hello, fellow vaping enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the smoke-free lifestyle! Today, I’m beyond thrilled to bring you an in-depth review of a vaping device that’s breaking the mold and redefining how we perceive vaping technology—the Starship Vape by Hamilton Devices. As someone who has had the pleasure of reviewing a myriad of vaping devices throughout my career. This device isn’t just another vaping gadget; it’s an innovative marvel equipped with three separate heating elements, making it the first-ever of its kind. But that’s not all; the Starship also comes with an optional bong attachment. Yes, you heard that right—a bong attachment. So whether you’re a solo vaper or someone who loves group sessions, this versatile device offers an unprecedented level of customization and freedom. With features that can cater to the palate of even the most discerning vaper, the Starship Vape is poised to elevate your vaping experience to astronomical heights. Buckle up, as we delve into the nitty-gritty details of this extraordinary invention.

Starship Vape


When you first look at the $80 price tag on the Starship, it might raise a few eyebrows, especially considering that the package doesn’t include any ink cartridges. Let’s face it, $80 isn’t pocket change for most people. It’s natural to question whether this device delivers value for that kind of money.

In my experience, and after putting the Starship through its paces, I can confidently say that it does provide value for the price you pay. First and foremost, what you’re investing in here is not just a standard vape device but a uniquely versatile one. The Starship isn’t a one-trick pony; it can accommodate three heating elements at once. That’s the kind of flexibility you’re unlikely to find in most other devices in the same price range.

Another aspect worth considering is the build quality. The device features a red matte metal base, and the components are assembled with high-quality circuitry. This is not a device that feels like it’s going to fall apart or become obsolete in a few months. The sturdy build indicates that the manufacturers have invested in quality, making it a lasting investment for you as well.

Then there’s the convenience factor—the device comes with a Type-C Charger and boasts a fast charging time of just 1.5 hours. Given the 1450mAh battery capacity, you can expect the device to last a decent amount of time between charges. Again, these are features that add to the overall user experience, thereby justifying the cost.

While $80 might initially seem like a steep price for a vape device, what you’re really paying for is versatility, quality, and convenience. If you’re someone who takes their vaping seriously and seeks a device that can keep up with your varying needs, the Starship is a worthwhile investment. In the grand scheme of things, it’s money well spent.

Starship Vape

Design & Quality

The moment you hold the Starship in your hand, the quality is immediately palpable. With its red matte metal base, the device exudes a sense of luxury that is both understated and striking. It’s not gaudy or overly embellished but offers a sleek, polished look that is sure to capture attention. Designed in California, the aesthetics of the device clearly reflect a keen eye for detail and a focus on refined craftsmanship.

One of the first things I noticed was the power button—solid, tactile, and responsive. It provides just the right amount of feedback when pressed, a small but crucial detail that sets the device apart from less thoughtfully designed alternatives. Another design aspect that caught my attention is the Type-C charging port, a modern touch that not only enhances the device’s looks but also its utility. Type-C charging ports are becoming the industry standard for a reason—they offer faster charging and more efficient power delivery. In today’s fast-paced world, that’s a feature you won’t want to skimp on.

Inside the metal casing, the circuit board is high-quality, ensuring that the Starship performs as reliably as it looks. But it’s not just about appearances or technical specifications; it’s also about the user experience. The layout is intuitive, with controls that are easy to navigate even for someone new to vaping. That’s a big win in my book, as it makes the device accessible to a wide range of users, from novices to seasoned vaping veterans.

While many vaping devices often prioritize function over form, the Starship manages to excel in both. Aesthetically, it’s a standout product, with design features that are both pleasing to the eye and functional in the hand. I’ve seen many vaping devices over the years, and it’s not often that I come across one that offers such a balanced package.

The quality extends beyond just the look and feel; it translates into performance. Throughout the weeks I’ve spent with the Starship, the device has been consistently reliable. From the initial unboxing to regular use, it hasn’t faltered or shown any signs of wear and tear. Even the LED indicators, which provide real-time battery and heating status, have remained as vibrant and accurate as day one.

The Starship is a device that’s been carefully designed to deliver on multiple fronts—style, performance, and reliability. It’s a well-rounded package that feels as good as it looks, and performs as well as it promises. For those who appreciate the finer things in life but also demand efficiency and functionality, the Starship is an investment that will not disappoint. It’s solid, it’s classy, and most importantly, it’s reliable.

Starship Vape

Battery and Charging

Having a reliable battery is crucial in any vape device, and the Starship doesn’t disappoint with its 1450mAh internal battery. This is a generous capacity, especially considering the device’s compact form factor. One of the first things that caught my eye was the advertised 1.5-hour charge time. And let me tell you, the device lives up to that promise. In an age where waiting even a few extra minutes can feel like an eternity, this quick charge time is a godsend.

As someone who’s been vaping for quite some time, I’ve encountered a wide range of battery lifespans. While some devices barely make it through half a day, the Starship stands out for its durability. On moderate usage, I found that the device could easily last a day or even longer without requiring a recharge. This is particularly beneficial for those who are on the go and may not have ready access to a charging port.

One underrated aspect of the battery is its intelligent power management system. The device doesn’t simply drain the battery haphazardly; it uses power efficiently, ensuring that each session is consistent in terms of vapor production and flavor intensity. This isn’t something you find in every vape device on the market, and it certainly adds to the Starship’s allure.

In terms of charging, the inclusion of a Type-C port is a smart move. Not only does it ensure faster charging, but it’s also more durable and less prone to damage compared to older Micro-USB ports. Plus, Type-C is becoming increasingly common for all sorts of gadgets, meaning you can likely use the same charger for multiple devices. It’s a small but significant convenience.

Another useful feature is the LED indicator, which gives a real-time status of the battery level. This removes the guesswork out of determining when you’ll need to charge next, allowing for better planning, especially if you’re someone who vapes frequently throughout the day.

The battery and charging capabilities of the Starship contribute to its overall practicality and appeal. With its robust 1450mAh battery, quick charging time, and efficient power management, the device provides a reliable and convenient vaping experience. In a market flooded with devices that often compromise on battery life or charge time, the Starship really sets itself apart as a dependable companion for both casual and frequent vapers.

Starship Vape


Let’s talk about the flexibility first. The three heating element system is groundbreaking, allowing you to use up to three different vape cartridges simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for those who like to experiment with different flavors or concentrations. Alternatively, you can mix and match cartridges with wax coils, a versatility that is hard to find in today’s market. I decided to give this a whirl by combining two half-empty vape cartridges with some leftover shatter. The result? An utterly divine vaping experience.

As for the actual vaping experience, the Starship is nothing short of remarkable. Starting with the lowest setting, I was immediately struck by the quality of the vapor. It was smooth, filtered, and exuded a rich aroma, all without any harshness or discomfort. Even on the lowest setting, the device produces a surprisingly substantial amount of vapor, allowing you to enjoy full-bodied draws without sacrificing flavor integrity.

The Starship also comes with multiple power settings, which is another feature that contributes to its exceptional performance. With just a few clicks, you can easily switch between different power levels to suit your preference for vapor density and flavor profile. I appreciated the ability to customize my experience according to my mood and the types of materials I was using. Whether you prefer softer, more nuanced flavors or more robust, intense vapor, the Starship caters to all.

But what truly elevates the performance of the Starship is its efficiency. Despite its power and capabilities, the device does not feel like it is straining at any point. This is likely due to the high-quality circuit board and efficient power management, ensuring that every draw is consistent in both flavor and vapor production. There’s no overheating, no burnt flavors, and no unexpected hiccups—a consistent and reliable performance every time you use it.

And let’s not forget the add-ons. The device’s bong attachment is more than just a cool feature; it serves to further elevate the vaping experience. I found that it made the vapor even smoother and more enjoyable, while also adding an extra layer of filtration. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to turn their vaping session into a more ceremonious event.


The three heating element system is groundbreaking, allowing you to use up to three different vape cartridges simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for those who like to experiment with different flavors or concentrations. Alternatively, you can mix and match cartridges with wax coils, a versatility that is hard to find in today’s market. I decided to give this a whirl by combining two half-empty vape cartridges with some leftover shatter. The result? An utterly divine vaping experience.Starship also impresses in quality, with a sleek design, top-notch internal components, and a sturdy build that promises longevity. It’s an investment you won’t regret, delivering both in device life and vaping quality. The 1450mAh battery charges fast and lasts long, making it ultra-convenient for everyday use.

Performance-wise, it’s unbeatable. Consistent vapor production, smooth flavor profiles, and reliable power settings all contribute to an unmatched vaping experience. Bottom line: The Hamilton Devices Starship is more than a device—it’s an investment in a superior vaping experience. Don’t miss out on elevating your vaping journey to the next level.

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