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For the Stylish Vaper: Floom Fame Vape 3000’s Unique Design

Floom Fame Vape 3000


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Pocket-friendly, easy to carry
  • No messy refills are required
  • The leak-proof design ensures cleanliness
  • Automated firing mechanism for ease
  • 3000 puffs per device, long-lasting
  • Varied flavor options, cater to all
  • Adjustable nicotine consumption
  • Pricey at around $20
  • Less nicotine than cigarettes
  • Bulkier than traditional cigarettes
  • Limited to 5% nicotine strength
  • May not suit heavy smokers
  • Non-rechargeable, single-use

The Real Floom Fame Vape, with its classic bottle design and slim mouthpiece, is a testament to modern vaping convenience and style. It comes loaded with 3000 puffs of various flavor choices, each with 8ml of 5% salt nicotine e-liquid. Its easy portability and pocket-friendly design make it a popular choice among vapers, despite a slightly higher price point and lower nicotine content than traditional cigarettes. This device allows precise control over nicotine intake and offers a diverse palette of flavors, from Banana Coconut Ice to Strawberry Watermelon, making every puff an adventure. However, its single-use nature and non-rechargeable 1000mAh battery could be a downside for those seeking a more sustainable option.

Specifications of Floom Fame Vape 3000

E-liquid Volume8.0 mL per device, ensuring long-lasting vaping sessions.
Nicotine Strength5% nicotine by weight, catering to a satisfying throat hit.
Puff CountApproximately 3000 puffs per device, providing an extensive usage duration.
Nicotine TypeMade with premium salt nicotine for smoother inhalation.
PrefilledPre-filled, ready-to-use with no requirement for setup.

The Real Floom Fame Vape 3000 Puffs offers an elegant solution for vaping enthusiasts seeking convenience without compromising quality. Each device comes with 8.0 mL of e-liquid, perfect for users looking to enjoy their vaping experience without frequent refills. The 5% nicotine concentration strikes an ideal balance between flavor intensity and nicotine satisfaction, making each puff as pleasurable as the last.

Salt nicotine is the star of the show, providing a smoother throat hit compared to traditional freebase nicotine, making it an excellent choice for new and seasoned vapers alike. With approximately 3000 puffs per device, the Real Floom Fame Vape stands out for its longevity, allowing you to savor your vape for days on end.

Designed for immediate enjoyment, this pre-filled device eliminates the hassle of maintenance, making it a perfect travel companion. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the Real Floom Fame Vape delivers consistent performance and robust flavor with each puff. Embrace the effortless experience of vaping with a product designed to meet the high standards of today’s discerning vapers.


Priced at around $20, it poses an interesting subject for analysis in terms of cost and value. This price tag places it in the upper echelon of the disposable vape market, where most competitors hover around the 2000-puff mark for a similar cost. A direct comparison shows that for a mere increment in price, the Real Floom Fame provides an additional 1000 puffs, which is a considerable increase in value.

However, the assessment of value for money doesn’t end at puff count alone. The longevity of the device, coupled with its performance, is vital. With a generous 8ml e-liquid capacity and a robust 1000mAh battery, the Real Floom Fame outstrips many of its rivals. This larger capacity not only ensures a longer-lasting vaping experience but also suggests fewer purchases over time, leading to potential savings for the regular vaper.

The Real Floom Fame’s investment in a high puff count per unit reflects a commitment to long-term usability. This is a boon for heavy users who would otherwise burn through lower-capacity vapes at a quicker rate, necessitating more frequent replacements. Thus, while the initial outlay is higher, the per-puff cost efficiency is better, making it an economical option in the long run.

Additionally, the cost must be weighed against the device’s design and feature set. The sleek, classic bottle design, combined with a comfortable mouthpiece, contributes to a premium vaping experience that might justify the higher price for some users. For those who value aesthetics and ergonomics, the Real Floom Fame could be seen as a worthwhile indulgence.

Fame Vape


Its bottle design harks back to a time of elegance and simplicity, offering a nostalgic appeal to those who appreciate a timeless look in their vaping devices. This classic design is more than a mere nod to the past; it’s a statement of style that resonates with users seeking a sophisticated vaping experience.

The aesthetics of the Real Floom Fame do not compromise on ergonomics. The slim profile of the device ensures it fits comfortably in the hand, catering to prolonged usage without the fatigue associated with bulkier models. The mouthpiece, a critical touchpoint for any vaping device, has been designed with comfort in mind. It is slim and contoured, fitting naturally against the lips to deliver a more enjoyable draw with each puff. This attention to the tactile experience underlines the brand’s commitment to user satisfaction in every aspect of the design.

The ergonomics extend beyond the feel of the very operation of the device. Its lightweight construction belies a robustness that is essential in a portable device. The durability of the Real Floom Fame Vape is notable; it can withstand the rigors of daily use while retaining its aesthetic appeal. This durability is a result of careful material selection and a manufacturing process that prioritizes longevity. The construction quality means that the device is less likely to suffer from the common issues that plague lesser vapes, such as battery failure or case cracking.

A vape’s build quality is often put to the test in everyday scenarios – from being carried in a pocket to being used outdoors. Here, the Real Floom Fame excels with its sturdy build that resists wear and tear. The device’s anti-leakage design is a testament to the thoughtful engineering that has gone into its production, ensuring that users can carry it without fear of e-liquid spills or the inconvenience of unexpected maintenance.

The materials used in the Real Floom Fame are chosen not only for durability but also for safety. The device’s housing is resistant to heat, protecting the internal components and the user during operation. The use of quality materials extends to the internal workings of the vape. The battery, the lifeblood of a disposable vape, is reliable and maintains consistent power output throughout the life of the device, a clear indication of superior build quality.

The Real Floom Fame’s automated firing mechanism further adds to the design’s sophistication, eliminating the need for buttons that can often be a point of failure. This feature streamlines the vaping process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Moreover, the absence of buttons enhances the sleekness of the device’s profile, maintaining the clean lines and smooth finish that contribute to its overall allure.

Fame Vape


Navigating the waters of nicotine consumption, the Real Floom Fame Vape emerges as a beacon for those seeking to tailor their intake. With a nicotine content strategically set at 5% in its 8ml e-liquid, it veers away from the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional cigarettes. The stark difference in nicotine levels offers users the opportunity to indulge in their vaping ritual with a more conscious and controlled approach to nicotine consumption. This reduced nicotine content caters not only to seasoned vapers aiming to cut down but also to new users who are cautious about nicotine dependency.

The ability to regulate nicotine intake is one of the cornerstones of modern vaping pods. Unlike traditional cigarettes, where each puff is a predetermined dose of tobacco, the Real Floom Fame gives users the reins to manage their nicotine usage. This empowerment stems from a design that supports gradual reduction strategies for those looking to wean off nicotine while providing enough for those who seek its effects. In terms of health considerations, this control is a substantial benefit, potentially reducing the risks associated with nicotine overconsumption.

User preferences play a significant role in the success of vaping devices, and the Real Floom Fame’s customizable nicotine intake aligns with a consumer-driven market that values choice and flexibility. Such customization ensures that the Real Floom Fame can cater to a broad audience, accommodating a variety of vaping experiences from light, casual use to more intense sessions.

Turning to cloud production, the Real Floom Fame does not disappoint. The vapor cloud density is impressive, creating a satisfying visual and sensory experience akin to traditional smoking, which many users find gratifying. When compared to other disposable vapes, the Real Floom Fame holds its own, producing a consistent and rich vapor that can satisfy even the most discerning cloud chasers. This level of performance in cloud production is particularly notable for a device with a reduced nicotine content, proving that satisfaction need not be compromised for health-conscious vaping.

The battery life of a disposable vape is a critical factor in its overall value and appeal. The Real Floom Fame’s 1000mAh battery is robust, offering users the longevity they require from their device. This battery ensures that the promised 3000 puffs are delivered without waning performance over time. The longevity of the vape is thus not a mere claim but a reliable feature, backed by substantial power storage.

Regarding convenience factors, the Real Floom Fame Vape excels with its anti-leakage design, which is a significant advantage for users on the go. The travel-friendly nature of the vape, bolstered by its compactness and leak-proof construction, means it can be carried without concern, fitting seamlessly into daily life. The convenience is further enhanced by the no-mess refill system and automated firing mechanism, which streamline the vaping process, eliminating the fuss and maintenance associated with refillable devices.

Fame Vape


With options ranging from the tropical blend of Banana Coconut Ice to the unflavored Clear, the device offers a diverse taste experience that can appeal to both the adventurous vaper and the purist alike.

Starting with Banana Coconut Ice, this flavor is an exotic dance of fruity sweetness with a hint of tropical freshness. The initial inhale is a creamy wave of banana, rich and velvety, which then gives way to the subtle, refreshing notes of coconut. The experience is rounded off with a cool icy finish, making it a perfect escape for those who enjoy dessert-inspired vapes with a refreshing twist.

Clearly stands out by its lack of flavor, designed for vapers who prefer the sensation of vaping without the interference of taste. It’s a palate cleanser, a perfect option for those who wish to enjoy the pure feel of vapor clouds, or perhaps for those who want to avoid sensory fatigue from stronger flavors.

Cool Mint, as another exemplary flavor, is the quintessence of freshness. Every puff is like a breath of frosty air, revitalizing the senses with its sharp, crisp minty notes. It’s a straightforward flavor profile that delivers a consistent and invigorating experience, ideal for mint lovers or those looking for a palate refresher throughout the day.

Diving into the more intricate flavors, Aloe Grape combines the soothing taste of aloe with the sweet and tangy essence of grape. This unusual pairing creates a harmonious blend where the mild, fresh aloe balances the boldness of the grape, resulting in a soothing yet flavorful vape experience.

Mixed Berries is a medley of summer’s finest offerings, each puff bursting with the flavors of ripe blueberries, tangy raspberries, and the sweet charm of strawberries. This berry blend achieves a fine balance between sweetness and acidity, creating a flavor profile that can be enjoyed all day without overwhelming the taste buds.

The impact of such a varied flavor selection on the user experience cannot be overstated. Vapers often seek variety and complexity in their flavor choices, and the Real Floom Fame delivers on this front. The availability of multiple flavors ensures that users can switch between profiles to suit their mood, and the time of day, or to simply explore new taste horizons.

Each flavor is crafted to offer a unique vaping experience, with careful attention to flavor balance and intensity. Whether one prefers the sweetness of fruits, the simplicity of unflavored vapor, or the invigorating punch of mint, the Real Floom Fame has a flavor to match those desires.


This substantial capacity surpasses the industry standard for disposable vapes, ensuring that users can enjoy a longer-lasting vaping experience without the need for frequent replacements. The higher concentration of salt nicotine is designed to deliver a smooth throat hit that mimics the sensation of traditional cigarette smoking, which can be particularly satisfying for those transitioning to vaping.

Salt nicotine is renowned for its rapid absorption into the bloodstream, offering a quicker nicotine fix that can satiate cravings more efficiently than traditional freebase nicotine. This means that each puff from the Real Floom Fame is not only satisfying in flavor and cloud production but also effective in delivering nicotine satisfaction. The 5% concentration, while on the higher end, is moderated by the device’s delivery system, ensuring that each inhale is potent without being overwhelming.

The performance of the device is further underpinned by its battery life. The 1000mAh battery is a powerhouse within the Real Floom Fame, supporting the full utilization of the 8ml pod. With a capacity to deliver up to 3000 puffs, the battery ensures that the device remains consistent in its performance from the first to the last puff. This longevity is crucial for those who rely on their vape throughout the day, as it negates the need for constant charging or the carrying of backup devices.

Battery longevity also contributes significantly to the portability and convenience of the vape. The assurance that the device will last through extended periods away from charging facilities is a key selling point. This reliability, combined with the device’s sleek and compact design, makes it an excellent companion for those who are always on the move. Its size and form factor allow it to slip easily into pockets, purses, and bags, making it unobtrusive but always accessible.

Portability is further facilitated by the Real Floom Fame’s sturdy construction. Despite its lightweight, the device does not sacrifice durability. This robustness ensures that it can handle the wear and tear of daily transport, from the jostle of a commuter’s pocket to the confines of a traveler’s carry-on.

The ease of carrying the Real Floom Fame is complemented by its user-friendly design. The lack of buttons and reliance on a draw-activated firing mechanism streamlines the vaping process, eliminating the need for fiddly adjustments or settings. This simplicity in design ensures that the device can be used effectively by vapers of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.


Its design, reminiscent of traditional elegance, combined with modern vaping technology, presents a product that does not just meet the expectations for a disposable vape but sets a new standard in terms of design, functionality, and user experience. The 3000 puff count supported by a powerful 1000mAh battery places it above many competitors, emphasizing its value for money over the longer term.

For potential users, the Real Floom Fame Vape is an excellent choice if they are looking for a reliable and stylish vaping option that offers a wide range of flavors. It is particularly well-suited for those who wish to control their nicotine intake without sacrificing the satisfaction of a full-bodied vape.

When compared to other similar products on the market, the Real Floom Fame Vape impresses with its higher puff count, superior battery life, and extensive flavor variety. While it may come at a slightly higher price point, the quality and longevity it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

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