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Boulder Vape: The Boulder Pro – 5000 Puffs & Timeless Flavors

Boulder Pro 5000


Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Compact and ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
  • Unique Freebase e-liquid offering.
  • Wide variety of flavors catering to ex-smoker’s preferences.
  • Diverse color options.
  • Efficient 1.2-ohm mesh coil.
  • Affordable Price $9.99
  • Limited to only 2 main flavor types: Tobacco and Menthol.
  • 12 ml tank capacity might be limited for heavy users.
  • 400 mAh battery may not last a full day for frequent vapers.

The Boulder Pro is an affordable e-cigarette with a classic design and unique Freebase e-liquid. It caters well to ex-smokers with its flavor range. With a commendable puff count and efficient coil, it promises a satisfying vaping experience. However, heavy users might find the battery and tank slightly limiting.


ModelThe Boulder Pro
E-liquid TypeFreebase
Flavors AvailableAmerican Blend Tobacco (Black, Blue, Red, White), Menthol (Black, Blue, Red, White)
Puff Count5000 Puffs
Colors AvailableRed, White, Blue, Black
Charging TypeUSB-C
E-Liquid Strength2.4%
Tank Capacity12 ml
Battery400 mAh, Grade ‘A’
Coil1.2 ohm mesh


For both newcomers and seasoned vaping enthusiasts, the e-cigarette market often revolves around the price. Quality, performance, and value for money must strike a harmonious balance, and this is the realm where the Bould Vape Pro 5000 takes center stage.

Priced at a modest US$10, the Bould Vape Pro 5000 provides remarkable value. To put it in clearer terms, many of us are familiar with the 5,000-puff disposable e-cigarettes from household names like Elf Bar and Lost Mary. These are reputable brands that offer solid vaping experiences. However, when it comes to the price tag, they often tread on the higher side.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The Bould Vape Pro 5000 is around $4 cheaper than both the Elf Bar BC 5000 and the Lost Mary OS 5000. That’s not a negligible difference; it’s a significant savings. By choosing Bould Vape Pro 5000, you’re essentially getting the same 5,000 puffs – which can comfortably serve the average vaper for an extended period – but at a significantly reduced cost.

But a fair price tag isn’t the only thing the Bould Vape Pro 5000 brings to the table. From our firsthand trials, the overall vaping experience it offers is on par with its pricier counterparts. This e-cigarette doesn’t compromise on flavor, satisfaction, or experience.

To sum it up, whether you’re on a tight budget, just starting with vaping, or a long-time enthusiast looking for value without compromising on quality, the Bould Vape Pro 5000 has got you covered. In the world of vaping, it’s not just a cost-effective option but a testament to smart purchasing.


From the first glance, the Boulder Pro’s ethos of “Back to basics” is palpably evident. Its design isn’t merely a nod to aesthetics but a meticulous balance between form and function. Its size and shape are neither too imposing nor too diminutive – just perfect for those who, like me, relish a spontaneous vaping session regardless of where they are. Its place as an industry stalwart isn’t by accident. Being the singular device offering Freebase e-liquid speaks volumes about its unique position in the market.

Diving deeper into its offerings, the range of flavors, spanning from the rich Boulder American Blend to the crisp undertones of Menthol, is an olfactory treat. But beyond the flavors, it’s the device’s tactile feedback that truly stands out. Holding the Boulder Pro is a sensation in itself. The weight, balance, and finish suggest a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. It’s a device that can be discreetly nestled in a pocket, yet it exudes an elegance that makes me want to show it off.

A device’s utility isn’t just about its external allure. The internal specifications further amplify my appreciation for the Boulder Pro. The robust 400 mAh battery assures longevity, and the generous 12 ml tank is indicative of prolonged, uninterrupted vaping sessions. The addition of USB-C charging further accentuates its contemporary design approach. Drawing from my extensive vaping experiences, I can confidently say the Boulder Pro isn’t just another e-cigarette; it’s a symphony of design and quality.

Battery and Charging

Battery life and charging efficiency are two critical considerations for any e-cigarette enthusiast. These factors determine the longevity of a vaping session and, more importantly, the convenience and reliability of the device. With that in mind, let’s delve deep into the heart of the Bould Vape Pro 5000’s power source and charging mechanism.

The Bould Vape Pro 5000 comes equipped with a 400 mAh Highest Quality Grade ‘A’ Battery. To those in the know, this speaks volumes. The ‘Grade A’ classification isn’t just a fancy term; it represents the pinnacle of battery quality. For us, as professional e-cigarette enthusiasts, knowing that a device boasts a Grade ‘A’ Battery means we’re looking at a product designed for endurance, consistent output, and safety.

But what does 400 mAh translate to in real-world usage? For many, it means extended vaping sessions without the nagging worry of the device dying mid-puff. It’s a respectable capacity that ensures the device can last through most of the day under moderate usage, which is a commendable feat for a disposable e-cigarette in this price range.

Charging the Bould Vape Pro 5000 is as straightforward as it gets. In our experience, it takes about 45 minutes to charge the device to 100%. This rapid charging capability is a huge plus, especially for those moments when you’re in a rush and need your device ready to go. It’s almost like sipping a quick coffee, and by the time you’re done, your e-cigarette is fully juiced up and ready to provide that satisfying puff.

Furthermore, the charging indication feature is both practical and intuitive. The light turns on while the device is charging, serving as a visual cue. But more importantly, once the charging completes, the light turns off. No second-guessing, no unnecessary checks, just a straightforward visual indicator that communicates the device’s charging status.

In wrapping up this section on Battery and Charging, the Bould Vape Pro 5000 clearly stands out. It combines top-tier battery quality with efficient charging, ensuring you get the most out of every vaping session. From our perspective, it’s a device that has truly prioritized the user’s convenience and experience.


The Boulder Pro’s decision to harness Freebase e-liquid immediately piqued my interest. This isn’t just another e-liquid; it’s often considered the purest form, delivering a smoother throat hit and more pronounced flavors.

The American Blend Tobacco range is a real treat. The distinct shades – Black, Blue, Red, and White – each offer a unique palate experience. But if I had to pick, the Tobacco–Blue stands out with its rich and robust essence, bringing back those nostalgic memories of traditional tobacco, but with a modern twist.

Yet, the Menthol range is where the Boulder Pro truly shines. There’s something invigorating about the Menthol – Red. It’s a refreshing burst that’s cool yet doesn’t overshadow the underlying tobacco notes. It’s a balanced dance of flavors, reminiscent of those chilly winter mornings.

In conclusion, the Boulder Pro might come at a premium, but as any seasoned vaper will tell you, it’s the experience that counts. And with its high-quality battery and impeccable flavors, the Boulder Pro promises an experience worth every penny.


Let’s delve into how the aforementioned factors play out in the real-world performance of this disposable e-cigarette.

Starting with the nicotine strength, 24mg is undoubtedly on the bolder end of the spectrum. This means, from the outset, users can anticipate a robust nicotine kick, something that many seasoned vapers and traditional smokers transitioning to vaping might appreciate. Such a concentration delivers a notable punch, catering to those who desire a nicotine experience reminiscent of heavier tobacco products.

The choice to use freebase nicotine further adds a layer of intrigue to the device’s performance. Contrary to the now-popular nicotine salts, freebase nicotine provides a sharper, more direct nicotine sensation. For the uninitiated, it might be reminiscent of the early days of vaping when freebase nicotine was the standard. From my personal experience, freebase nicotine generally translates to a clearer and more pronounced throat hit. This makes the decision to use it in this e-cigarette especially interesting, considering the marked shift towards nicotine salts in many modern vaping devices.

The overall feel of the vaping session is decent. It doesn’t envelop you in a profound sense of relaxation, but it offers a smooth smoking journey. This could be a direct result of the freebase nicotine, which typically tends to be smoother on the inhale compared to its nicotine salt counterparts.

However, the performance takes a slightly intense turn with the inclusion of the cold mint flavor. This flavor, combined with the 24mg freebase nicotine, culminates in a potent and invigorating throat sensation. The icy hit is more pronounced than what most vapers would expect from a typical nicotine salt disposable vape. It’s a sensation that can be simultaneously exhilarating and overpowering, depending on personal preferences.

In summary, when evaluating the performance of this disposable e-cigarette, it’s clear that it’s designed for those who appreciate a pronounced nicotine hit coupled with an icy flavor punch. It offers a unique vaping experience that veers away from the mellow and leans into the intense. Whether this is your preferred vaping profile or a venture into uncharted territories, it promises to be an experience worth trying.


The Bould Vape Pro 5000 is a device that has piqued our interest for several reasons, and after an in-depth exploration, here’s our comprehensive verdict.

Starting with the price point, the Bould Vape Pro 5000 presents itself as an incredibly cost-effective option. In an industry where pricing can range wildly, finding a device that strikes a balance between cost and quality is a rarity. This e-cigarette not only manages to offer 5,000 puffs, but it does so at a competitive price. Such value is undoubtedly a magnet for both seasoned vapers and beginners alike, especially when considering the budget constraints of many users in today’s market.

The battery is another strong point. In our experiences, the longevity of an e-cigarette often hinges on its battery quality. The Bould Vape Pro 5000 boasts a 400 mAh Highest Quality Grade ‘A’ Battery. This isn’t just a technical specification for us; it represents a promise of durability and consistent performance. The rapid 45-minute full charge time is an added bonus, which speaks volumes about the device’s practicality in daily use. In a world where waiting is often the hardest part, this swift charging cycle is a boon.

Now, to the heart of the experience: the nicotine. The choice to utilize a 24mg freebase nicotine strength is both bold and distinctive. Freebase nicotine, known for its sharp, direct sensation, offers a clear and pronounced throat hit. This is further accentuated by the cold mint flavor, which, while providing a refreshing twist, intensifies the overall throat impact. The resultant vaping experience is unique: it’s powerful, direct, and invigorating, albeit potentially overpowering for some.

However, every rose has its thorn. The smoking sensation, although smooth, does not offer a profound sense of relaxation. This might not resonate with vapers seeking a milder, more soothing experience. The pronounced cold mint impact, combined with the robust nicotine strength, makes this e-cigarette more suitable for those with a penchant for stronger sensations. It’s a device that clearly understands its target audience and caters to them unapologetically.

Considering the wider vaping market, there’s an evident shift towards nicotine salts in many modern devices. The Bould Vape Pro 5000’s decision to utilize freebase nicotine harks back to traditional vaping experiences. For some, this will be a nostalgic journey, while for others, it may be a refreshing divergence from the norm.

In wrapping up this verdict, it’s evident that the Bould Vape Pro 5000 is not just another e-cigarette in the market. It’s a statement piece that offers a blend of performance, value, and a unique vaping experience. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those inclined towards gentler vaping sessions, it undoubtedly carves a niche for itself. If you’re seeking a powerful nicotine hit, an icy flavor punch, and excellent value, the Bould Vape Pro 5000 is well worth consideration. Whether you’re a vaping veteran or a curious newbie, it promises a journey that’s both distinctive and memorable.

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