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The Buzz About E-Cigarettes in Kyrgyzstan: A 2023 Import and Taxation Report

On May 20, the Kyrgyzstan business news outlet Tazabek reported on an interesting development in the e-cigarette market. The State Customs Administration unveiled some intriguing import data for 2023, highlighting Kyrgyzstan’s appetite for e-cigarettes and associated products. If you thought e-cigarettes were just a puff in the pan, think again! This report provides a comprehensive breakdown of import volumes, taxation, and the ongoing efforts to curb smuggling. So, let’s dive into the details with a bit of humor and a dash of relaxed commentary.

The Import Figures That Will Make Your Head Spin

The Cartridges Craze

According to the latest official statistics, Kyrgyzstan imported a staggering 843,600 cigarette cartridges in 2023. Yes, you read that right! That’s nearly enough to give every resident of Bishkek a cartridge, with plenty left over for the goats in the mountains. These cartridges are the backbone of the e-cigarette experience, delivering that sweet, sweet nicotine rush in a variety of tantalizing flavors.

E-Liquids Flowing Like Water

And it doesn’t stop there. The country also imported 414,300 milliliters of e-liquids. That’s enough to fill a small swimming pool, or perhaps provide a lifetime supply for a particularly dedicated vaper. E-liquids are the lifeblood of the vaping world, coming in flavors ranging from classic tobacco to exotic fruits and even bizarre combinations like bacon and maple syrup.

Disposable E-Cigarettes: One-Time Wonders

In the realm of disposable e-cigarettes, Kyrgyzstan saw 616,800 units entering the country. These convenient, single-use devices have become the go-to for many smokers looking to make a quick switch or enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience. Think of them as the fast food of the e-cigarette world – quick, easy, and satisfying, but hopefully without the guilt.

The Parliament Discussion That Got Heated

The Question of Smuggling

At a recent meeting of the Social Policy Committee of the Supreme Parliament, MP Aida Isatbek kyzy raised a critical question about the e-cigarette import volumes. It seems there’s more to this story than just official numbers. Elnura Manbetgunusheva, the deputy director of the State Customs Administration, laid out the detailed import data. However, she also hinted at a darker side – the possibility of unrecorded smuggling.

Manbetgunusheva emphasized the efforts of the General Administration of Customs to curb smuggling and maintain market order. Picture customs officers as vigilant gatekeepers, battling a tide of illicit e-cigarettes trying to sneak across the borders. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Taxation Transparency

Following this, Councilor Aida Isatbek kyzy delved into the topic of e-cigarette taxation. This is where things get really interesting. Deputy Minister of Taxation Nurlan Umtulov assured everyone that 99% of e-cigarette products are imported, and all relevant taxes have been paid. Imagine a giant, invisible vacuum cleaner sucking up tax dollars from e-cigarette sales and depositing them into the national coffers. It’s a reassuring image, especially for a country working hard to regulate a burgeoning market.

The Tax Revenue Windfall

Excise Tax Marks Galore

In 2023, Kyrgyzstan issued a whopping 11 million excise tax marks for various types of e-cigarettes. This resulted in a tax windfall totaling 353 million som, or roughly $4 million USD. That’s a lot of som – enough to fill several large piggy banks or perhaps fund a small armada of customs officers. This impressive tax revenue indicates significant progress in regulating the e-cigarette market and ensuring that the government gets its fair share of the vaping pie.

Progress in Regulation

The taxation success story is a testament to Kyrgyzstan’s dedication to market regulation. By standardizing the market and ensuring proper taxation, the government is not only boosting its revenues but also creating a more controlled environment for consumers. It’s a win-win situation, much like finding a surprise discount on your favorite vape juice.

The Chinese Connection

Import Data from China

According to export data from China Customs, a substantial number of e-cigarette products found their way from China to Kyrgyzstan in 2023. Specifically, 315,370 units of e-cigarette equipment (including atomized e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn devices) were exported from China to Kyrgyzstan. In addition, 312,776 kilograms of disposable nicotine products made the same journey. That’s enough to keep a small army of vapers happily puffing away for quite some time.

The Scale of Trade

These figures highlight the scale of trade between China and Kyrgyzstan in the e-cigarette sector. It’s a bustling pipeline of nicotine goodness, fueling the habits of Kyrgyzstan’s vapers and contributing to the country’s tax revenues. The partnership with China plays a crucial role in meeting the demand for e-cigarettes and ensuring that the market remains well-supplied.


Kyrgyzstan’s e-cigarette import data for 2023 reveals a thriving market supported by significant imports and robust taxation measures. The efforts to regulate and tax the market are paying off, with substantial revenues being generated and ongoing efforts to combat smuggling. As the country continues to navigate the complexities of this growing industry, one thing is clear: the buzz about e-cigarettes in Kyrgyzstan is not just a passing trend. So, whether you’re a vaper or just a curious observer, keep an eye on this space – it’s bound to keep evolving with plenty of twists and turns.

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