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Mexico City Cracks Down on E-Cigarettes: A Smokin’ Hot News!

On May 21, according to the Mexican news website Quadratin, the government of the capital Mexico City took strict measures and temporarily closed 38 stores selling e-cigarettes for violating tobacco control regulations. This bold move, orchestrated by the Mexico City Ministry of Health (Sedesa) through the Mexico City Health Protection Agency (AGEPSA), aims to strengthen tobacco control supervision and protect public health. Let’s dive into the sizzling details of this health initiative, just in time for World No Tobacco Day on May 31!

E-Cigarette Crackdown – Puffing Out the Flames

Mexico City’s government decided to extinguish the growing e-cigarette market by shutting down 38 stores caught in the act of flouting tobacco control regulations. These measures, implemented by Sedesa and AGEPSA, underline a serious commitment to public health and the enforcement of anti-tobacco laws. The smoke signals sent out by these closures are clear: Mexico City is taking no chances with its citizens’ health.

Not just blowing smoke, AGEPSA has been busy this year. Since 2023, the agency has seized a whopping 21,410 e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and cartridges. In a particularly dramatic swoop, more than 1,200 e-cigarettes were confiscated from a single building in the city center. These operations show that the government is not merely fanning the flames of public concern but actively snuffing out sources of illegal e-cigarette sales.

Consulting and Compliance – Merchants Get a Lesson in Smoke Signals

To ensure that merchants stay on the straight and narrow, AGEPSA has provided consulting services to 3,344 merchants. These consultations are part of a broader strategy to help businesses comply with regulations that demand a 100% tobacco smoke, e-cigarette emissions, and atomized product-free environment. By offering guidance and support, AGEPSA hopes to turn these merchants from law-breakers into health champions.

These efforts are not just for show; they represent a significant investment in community health. By educating merchants, AGEPSA aims to create a ripple effect of compliance and health awareness. Imagine a city where every store, from the tiniest kiosk to the grandest mall, is a safe haven from tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions. That’s the vision driving these consultations.

Community Promotion – Spreading the Smoke-Free Gospel

AGEPSA’s efforts extend beyond regulatory crackdowns and merchant consultations. The agency has trained 2,215 people in the community, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to promote a smoke-free environment. These trainees have become smoke-free evangelists, spreading the word about the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarette use.

Certification is another feather in AGEPSA’s cap. The agency has issued “100% tobacco smoke, e-cigarette emission and atomization product-free” certification to 113 places, including medical institutions, government buildings, and shops. These certifications are not just pieces of paper; they are badges of honor, proudly displayed to show a commitment to public health. They also serve as a stark reminder to smokers and vapers that their habits are unwelcome in these spaces.

Promotional Material – Blowing the Whistle on Tobacco Hazards

AGEPSA’s promotional activities are nothing short of prolific. The agency has distributed 19,021 pieces of promotional material highlighting the health hazards and use restrictions of tobacco and e-cigarette products. These materials are designed to catch the eye and educate the mind, making sure that the message about the dangers of smoking and vaping reaches every corner of the community.

From flyers to posters, AGEPSA’s promotional materials are as varied as they are informative. They cover everything from the health risks of smoking to the legal repercussions of violating tobacco control laws. By flooding the market with this information, AGEPSA is making it impossible for residents to ignore the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarette use. It’s a blitz of education, designed to create a healthier, smoke-free Mexico City.


As World No Tobacco Day approaches, Mexico City’s bold actions serve as a beacon of hope and a model for other cities grappling with the challenges of tobacco control. With continued efforts and unwavering dedication, AGEPSA and Sedesa are on a mission to clear the air and protect public health. So, here’s to a future where the only thing lighting up Mexico City is its vibrant culture, free from the haze of tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions.

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