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Art of Vape Tricks:How to Do Vape Tricks

Introduction: Vape tricks, also known as “vapor tricks” or “cloud chasing,” have gained popularity among vaping enthusiasts as a way to showcase creativity and skill. These mesmerizing displays of vapor manipulation require practice, patience, and a good understanding of the vapor-producing capabilities of your vape device. In this guide, we’ll walk you through various vape tricks, from the basics to more advanced techniques, helping you become a true vape trickster.

Getting Started with Basic Vape Tricks

1.1 The Ghost Inhale: Exhale a small amount of vapor, quickly inhale it back, and then exhale again to create a ghostly vapor ball.

The Ghost Inhale is a fundamental vape trick that lays the groundwork for more complex maneuvers. By following these steps, you can learn to craft mesmerizing ghostly vapor balls that will impress both friends and fellow vapers.

Step 1: Inhale a steady drag of vapor from your vape device, ensuring your mouth is filled with a comfortable amount of vapor.

Step 2: Exhale a small puff of vapor from your mouth, allowing it to linger momentarily in front of you.

Step 3: Swiftly inhale the vapor cloud back into your mouth. This inhalation should be rapid but controlled, ensuring you capture the majority of the vapor.

Step 4: With the vapor now in your mouth again, exhale it gently. Focus on creating a slow, controlled exhalation to form the distinct ghostly shape.

Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to the Ghost Inhale. Adjust the force of your exhale and the speed of your inhalation to achieve the desired effect. With dedication, you’ll soon master this classic trick and be ready to move on to more intricate maneuvers.

1.2 The French Inhale: Allow vapor to escape your mouth while inhaling through your nose, causing vapor to flow upward like a waterfall.

Unveiling the French Inhale: Cascade of Vapor Elegance

The French Inhale, known for its graceful waterfall-like appearance, adds a touch of elegance to your vape trick repertoire. By mastering this technique, you’ll captivate onlookers with the smooth flow of vapor cascading upwards.

Step 1: Take a slow and controlled drag from your vape device, allowing your mouth to fill with vapor.

Step 2: Begin to exhale the vapor gently through your mouth, simultaneously inhaling through your nose. This action creates the cascading effect as the vapor flows upward.

Step 3: Adjust the speed of your exhale and the force of your inhale to control the rate at which the vapor rises. Experiment with different paces to find the most visually pleasing result.

Step 4: Observe the elegant stream of vapor flowing upward like a waterfall. Practice will help you refine the balance between the exhalation and inhalation to achieve the desired effect.

1.3 The Dragon: Exhale vapor forcefully from your nostrils and the corners of your mouth simultaneously to mimic a dragon’s breath.

Emulating the Dragon: A Forceful Display of Vapor Mastery

Mimicking the forceful breath of a dragon, the Dragon trick offers a dramatic and dynamic spectacle. With practice, you can simultaneously exhale vapor through your nostrils and the corners of your mouth, creating an impressive display reminiscent of mythical creatures.

Step 1: Inhale a substantial amount of vapor from your vape device, ensuring your mouth and nostrils are filled.

Step 2: Simultaneously exhale vapor forcefully through both your nostrils and the corners of your mouth. This coordinated effort will give the illusion of exhaling from multiple sources.

Step 3: Adjust the intensity of your exhalation to create variations in the visual effect. Experiment with different angles and force levels to discover what suits your style best.

Step 4: Observe the vapor billowing out from both your nostrils and the corners of your mouth. This captivating trick showcases your control over vapor direction and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Intermediate Vape Tricks

2.1 The Jellyfish: Blow an O-ring, then use your hand to push it through the center of a larger O-ring, creating the illusion of a jellyfish.

The Jellyfish trick takes your vape trick repertoire to the next level by combining O-rings to create a captivating and visually intriguing effect. With practice and precision, you’ll be able to create the illusion of a jellyfish floating gracefully in the air.

Step 1: Begin by producing a well-formed O-ring using your mouth and throat muscles. Ensure the O-ring is stable and evenly shaped.

Step 2: Generate a larger O-ring using the same technique. This larger ring will serve as the body of the jellyfish.

Step 3: As the larger O-ring drifts away from your mouth, use your hand to gently guide it toward the center of the larger ring. The goal is to push the smaller O-ring through the center of the larger one.

Step 4: Keep a steady and controlled airflow as you guide the smaller O-ring through the larger one. This will create the illusion of a jellyfish with a distinct head and tentacles.

Step 5: Observe the mesmerizing effect as the smaller O-ring seemingly floats within the larger one, resembling the graceful movement of a jellyfish in water.

2.2 The Bane Inhale: Inhale vapor while exhaling through your nose, creating a visually striking effect resembling Bane’s mask.

Channeling Bane: Evoking the Intensity of a Legendary Character

The Bane Inhale is a vape trick that pays homage to the iconic character’s distinctive mask. By exhaling vapor through your mouth while simultaneously inhaling through your nose, you can create a visually striking effect that captures the intensity of Bane’s appearance.

Step 1: Take a deep drag from your vape device, allowing your mouth to fill with vapor.

Step 2: While exhaling the vapor from your mouth, start inhaling through your nose simultaneously. This coordinated action will create a dynamic contrast between the two airflows.

Step 3: Focus on controlling the intensity of the exhalation and inhalation to achieve the desired balance. The goal is to create a captivating visual effect that resembles the character’s mask.

Step 4: Observe the impressive display as the vapor from your mouth intertwines with the inhalation through your nose, evoking the essence of Bane’s signature look.

2.3 The Bull Ring: Push an O-ring through the space created by your thumb and index finger, forming the appearance of a bull’s nose ring.

Shaping the Bull Ring: A Visual Symbol of Strength

The Bull Ring trick adds a touch of novelty to your vape tricks by transforming an O-ring into the appearance of a bull’s nose ring. With practice, you can create an illusion that showcases your control over vapor manipulation.

Step 1: Generate a well-formed and stable O-ring using your mouth and throat muscles.

Step 2: Create a space between your thumb and index finger, positioning them close together.

Step 3: As you exhale the O-ring, gently push it through the space between your thumb and index finger. The O-ring should pass through without breaking.

Step 4: Observe the intriguing effect as the O-ring emerges from the other side, forming the appearance of a bull’s nose ring.

Advanced Vape Tricks: Ready for the next level?

3.1 The Tornado: Exhale vapor onto a flat surface and use your hand to spin it, forming a swirling tornado-like effect.

The Tornado: Unleash a Swirling Spectacle

The Tornado is a visually stunning vape trick that requires finesse and a flat surface. To perform this trick, follow these steps:

  1. Inhale a substantial amount of vapor into your lungs.
  2. Exhale the vapor gently onto a flat surface, like a table or countertop.
  3. Position your hand parallel to the surface, hovering just above the vapor cloud.
  4. Swiftly move your hand in a circular motion, creating a spinning effect that shapes the vapor into a tornado-like formation.

The key to mastering the Tornado is to find the right balance between the speed of your hand movement and the density of the vapor cloud. With practice, you can create larger and more defined tornadoes that will leave your audience in awe.

3.2 The Blowing Os: Master the art of blowing Os (vapor rings) by forming an O shape with your mouth and using your throat muscles to propel the vapor forward.

The Blowing Os: Craft Elegant Vapor Rings

Blowing Os, also known as vapor rings, is a classic trick that never fails to impress. This trick requires skillful manipulation of your mouth, throat, and breath. Here’s how you can perfect the art of Blowing Os:

  1. Inhale vapor and hold it in your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs.
  2. Shape your lips into a small “O” formation, keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth.
  3. Simultaneously push a small burst of vapor from your mouth using your throat muscles while gently tapping or flicking your cheek.

The result should be a smooth, coherent ring of vapor that travels through the air. With practice, you can master the technique of controlling the size and trajectory of the vapor rings, making them an essential addition to your repertoire of vape tricks.

3.3 The Vapor Bubble: Create a vapor-filled bubble by blowing an O-ring into a glass or container with a small opening, capturing the vapor inside.

The Vapor Bubble: Entrap Vapor in a Bubble

Taking vape tricks to a new level of creativity, the Vapor Bubble involves trapping an O-ring of vapor inside a glass or container with a small opening. This captivating trick is sure to leave your audience amazed. Here’s how to create a Vapor Bubble:

  1. Begin by performing a standard O-ring, blowing it into the air.
  2. Quickly place the opening of a glass or container over the O-ring while it’s still intact in the air.
  3. Watch in wonder as the O-ring fills the glass, creating a bubble of vapor that hovers inside.

This trick requires precise timing and coordination to capture the O-ring before it dissipates. Experiment with different glass sizes and O-ring sizes to achieve the best results.

Choosing the Perfect Vape Device: Elevate Your Tricks with Vapor Production

Selecting the right vape device lays the foundation for successful vape tricks. Different devices vary in vapor production, influencing the impact of your tricks. To enhance your trickery prowess, opt for a vape device renowned for its impressive vapor production.

Enhancing with High-VG E-Liquids: Crafting Stunning Vapor Clouds

High-VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids play a crucial role in creating captivating vape trick visuals. With a thicker consistency, these e-liquids generate dense and voluminous vapor clouds that make your tricks more visible and awe-inspiring.

Mastering Breath Control: The Key to Vapor Mastery

Achieving mastery in vape tricks demands precise breath control. Practicing breathing techniques enables you to manipulate vapor density and direction with finesse. Regularly practice inhaling and exhaling at varying speeds to hone your control over vapor manipulation.

Unleashing the Power of Airflow: Finding the Perfect Balance

Experimenting with your vape device’s airflow settings allows you to strike the ideal balance between denser vapor production and maneuverability. Adjusting the airflow influences the size and density of the clouds you produce, enhancing the visual impact of your tricks.

Perfecting O-Rings: The Building Blocks of Trickery

O-rings serve as the building blocks for many vape tricks. Perfecting this foundational skill is essential for achieving consistent and visually stunning results. Dedicate time to practicing the formation of well-defined O-rings, ensuring they’re stable and symmetrical.

Nurturing Patience and Persistence: Journey to Vape Trick Mastery

Embarking on the journey to becoming a vape trick virtuoso requires patience and persistence. Mastery isn’t achieved overnight; it’s the result of regular practice, refinement, and the celebration of incremental progress. Each small improvement brings you closer to the mastery you aspire to attain.


Vape tricks are an exciting way to showcase your creativity and mastery of vaping techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, practicing these tricks can bring a sense of accomplishment and add a fun element to your vaping experience. Remember, safety comes first—always use your vape device responsibly and within recommended limits. With dedication and practice, you’ll be dazzling your friends with impressive vape tricks in no time.

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