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Maryland’s Clean Indoor Air Act Gets a Smoky Makeover: No More Vaping Indoors!

Attention, Marylanders! Prepare to take your puffs outside because starting July 1, the state is rolling out a fresh twist on its Clean Indoor Air Act. The latest amendment, hot off the press from Natlawreview on May 29, now bans e-cigarettes in indoor workplaces. So, if you’ve been enjoying your fruity vape flavors in the office, it’s time to make new outdoor friends. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this smokin’ legislation and what it means for employees and employers alike.

The New Definition of E-Cigarettes

First things first, let’s get clear on what Maryland means by “e-cigarettes” in this new amendment. Spoiler alert: it’s more than just those sleek, USB-like gadgets you’ve seen people puffing on. According to the updated law, e-cigarettes encompass any electronic device that allows users to inhale substances like tobacco, marijuana, or even narcotics. Yup, if it emits vapor and you inhale it, it’s on the naughty list. This broad definition ensures no one can sneak by with their high-tech smoking apparatuses, be they for tobacco or the wacky weed.

Employers: Get Your Signs Ready

Next up, employers have some homework to do. The amendment mandates that every entrance to office spaces open to the public must display “No Smoking/Vaping” signs. Picture this: you’re rushing into work on a Monday morning, coffee in one hand, your vape in the other, only to be greeted by a fresh new sign at the door reminding you to leave your cloud machine outside. These signs are not just suggestions; they are legal requirements. So, if you’re an employer, it’s time to hit up your local sign shop or risk a slap on the wrist from the health inspectors.

The Impact on Employees

Now, let’s talk about the folks who will feel this change the most: the employees. If you’ve been relying on your vape breaks to survive the workday, it’s time to rethink your strategy. The ban means no more sneaky puffs in the break room or stealthy clouds under your desk. It’s back to the good old days of stepping outside for a smoke break, rain or shine. For some, this might be a nudge towards quitting altogether. After all, who wants to trek out into a Maryland winter just for a vape?

The Bigger Picture: Health and Compliance

Beyond the inconvenience, there’s a bigger picture to consider. This amendment is part of Maryland’s ongoing effort to promote healthier workplaces. By banning e-cigarettes indoors, the state aims to protect non-smokers from secondhand vapor, which, despite what some might claim, isn’t just harmless water mist. Employers are encouraged to support their staff through this transition, perhaps by offering resources for quitting smoking or vaping. Compliance with this new law not only keeps businesses on the right side of the law but also fosters a healthier environment for everyone.


In a recent development reported by Natlawreview on May 29, Maryland has amended its Clean Indoor Air Act to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in indoor workplaces, effective July 1. The legislation broadens the definition of e-cigarettes to include any electronic device used to inhale tobacco, marijuana, or narcotics. Employers are now required to post “No Smoking/Vaping” signs at every entrance to publicly accessible office spaces. This change aims to promote healthier workplaces by protecting non-smokers from secondhand vapor and encouraging compliance among businesses. So, Marylanders, get ready to take your vaping breaks outdoors. Stay tuned for more updates on this news!

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