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Lost Mary Vape MO5000: A Luxurious Disposable Vape Experience

Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable


Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Premium synthetic nic salt juice.
  • Impressive 5000 puffs rating.
  • Quick and near-instant firing.
  • Sleek and luxurious design.
  • Comfortable clear mouthpiece.
  • Available in 17 unique flavors.
  • Draw-activated for easy use.
  • Slightly slippery exterior.
  • Reduced throat hit due to synthetic nicotine.
  • Battery capacity is slightly lower than rivals.
  • Vapor strength decreases as the battery depletes.
  • A fully charged device is recommended for optimal performance.

The Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape is a luxurious option for vapers seeking both style and substance. With its impressive 5000 puffs rating and quick-firing, it delivers a satisfying vaping experience. The sleek design and clear mouthpiece add to its appeal, although the exterior can be a bit slippery. The device offers a wide range of flavors to choose from, catering to various preferences. However, the reduced throat hit due to synthetic nicotine and slightly lower battery capacity are minor drawbacks to consider. Overall, the MO5000 combines elegance and performance in a disposable vape package.

Specifications of Lost Mary Vape MO5000

Prefilled Capacity13mL
Battery Capacity650mAh
Max Puffs5000
Nicotine Strength5% (50mg)
Heating ElementMesh Coil
ChargingType-C Port

With a generous prefilled capacity of 13mL, you’ll enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for constant refills. The powerful 650mAh battery ensures long-lasting performance, capable of delivering up to 5000 puffs before needing a recharge. Speaking of recharging, the convenient Type-C port makes it quick and easy to power up your device for continuous enjoyment.

For those who appreciate a satisfying nicotine hit, this e-cigarette boasts a 5% nicotine strength (50mg) that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. The draw-activated operation means there are no buttons to press, providing a seamless and intuitive vaping experience. The inclusion of a mesh coil heating element ensures each puff is packed with flavor, delivering a consistently enjoyable draw.


It offers an affordable luxury vaping experience that won’t break the bank.

At just $15, the Lost Mary MO5000 is a remarkable value proposition. This price point is particularly appealing when you consider that this disposable vape can deliver up to 5,000 puffs. That’s a lot of vaping enjoyment for your money.

Let’s break it down further. For the cost of a single dinner at a decent restaurant, you can enjoy the Lost Mary MO5000 for days, if not weeks, depending on your vaping habits. It’s a cost-effective way to savor the flavors and satisfaction of vaping without constantly worrying about refills or battery life.

What I appreciate about the Lost Mary MO5000 is that it doesn’t compromise on quality despite its affordable price. You’re getting a taste of luxury without the high price tag. It’s a device that caters to both your senses and your budget.

And it’s worth noting that Lost Mary, the brand behind this vape, has a reputation for quality and reliability. This brand guarantee adds an extra layer of assurance that you’re investing in a product that’s been crafted with care.

Lost Mary MO5000 provides an affordable entry point into the world of luxurious vaping. It allows you to enjoy premium features and flavors without draining your wallet.

Design & Quality

The MO5000 features an elongated C-frame design that sets it apart from the crowd. The first thing you’ll notice is its non-slip faux resin exterior, which not only adds to its aesthetics but also serves a practical purpose. It feels comfortable in your hand, and you can tell that the designers paid attention to the details.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that while the exterior is very smooth, it can be a little less grippy than you might expect. This is where personal preference comes into play. Some may appreciate the sleekness, while others might prefer a more textured grip. Personally, I found it to strike a balance, with a kind of marble texture that adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

What’s particularly impressive is that the MO5000 doesn’t just look good; it feels good too. Holding it is a tactile experience, and it’s clear that this device was designed with ergonomics in mind. It effortlessly fits into your hand, and the elongated mouthpiece is designed to fit your lips comfortably, allowing for smooth inhalation.

The subtle swirling color patterns on the device’s exterior also contribute to its high-end feel. It’s the little details like these that make the MO5000 stand out when you place it on a table or show it off to your friends.

It’s a fashion statement. Its sleek and stylish design, coupled with the non-slip faux resin exterior and marble texture, creates a sense of luxury that’s hard to find in disposable devices. While it can be a tad slippery, it’s a small trade-off for the overall design aesthetics and the comfortable feel in your hand.

lost mary vape mo5000


1.2-ohm mesh coil. This coil technology is known for delivering a fantastic vaping experience, and it doesn’t disappoint here. The mesh coil ensures even heating of the e-liquid, resulting in better flavor and vapor production. It’s a feature you’d typically find in high-end vaping devices, but the MO5000 brings it to the disposable vape category.

Now, let’s talk about capacity. This device boasts a generous 13.5 mL capacity of synthetic nic salt juice. That’s more than enough to keep you vaping for a while without the need for constant refills. It’s a convenience factor that I greatly appreciated during my time with the MO5000.

But the real star of the show is the rechargeable 500 mAh battery. This is something you don’t see often in disposable vapes. Most disposables are designed for single use and are discarded once the battery is depleted. Not the MO5000. It offers the convenience of a disposable with the added benefit of a rechargeable battery.

Charging this device is a breeze, thanks to the USB-C connection. It’s a widely adopted and efficient charging standard that ensures you can quickly top up the battery whenever needed. No more worrying about running out of power unexpectedly; just plug it in, and you’re good to go.

Having a rechargeable battery is a game-changer for disposable vapes. It not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces waste, which is a win for the environment. Plus, it’s just more convenient knowing that you can rely on your MO5000 for multiple vaping sessions without worrying about it dying on you.

lost mary vape mo5000


Flavors are a crucial aspect of any vaping experience, and the Lost Mary MO5000 doesn’t disappoint in this department. With a selection of 17 flavors to choose from, it offers a diverse range of options to satisfy your taste buds.

Let’s dive into some of the flavor highlights that I personally enjoyed during my time with the MO5000:

  1. Ginger Beer: If you’re a fan of zesty, citrusy flavors with a hint of spice, Ginger Beer is a must-try. It’s like sipping on a refreshing ginger sponge cake with a perfectly balanced sweetness. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and invigorating vape.
  2. Watermelon Cherry: This flavor combination is a winner in my book. It delivers the sweetness of cherries with a subtle undertone of watermelon and a touch of coolness on the finish. It’s a delightful blend that’s both fruity and refreshing.
  3. Black Mint: For those who enjoy a minty kick with a twist, Black Mint is a top contender. It combines invigorating black currant with a refreshing icy mint finish. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a cooling and flavorful vaping experience.

These are just a few of the flavor options that impressed me, but it’s essential to note that all the flavors in the MO5000 lineup are above average in terms of taste and quality. Whether you prefer the bold and exciting options or the subtle and nuanced ones, you’re likely to find something that suits your palate.

One thing that stood out to me was the quality of the flavors. They are crafted using high-quality ingredients, resulting in a clean and satisfying vaping experience. Each flavor is distinct and true to its description.

lost mary vape mo5000


Throat Hit and Vapor Production: The MO5000 uses synthetic nicotine, which results in a slightly reduced throat hit compared to devices that use tobacco-derived nicotine. However, this doesn’t mean that the vaping experience is lacking in any way. The draw activation is highly responsive, allowing for quick and satisfying puffs. Whether you prefer a mild or more pronounced throat hit, the MO5000 strikes a balance that many vapers will appreciate.

Mesh Coil Magic: One of the standout features of the MO5000 is its 1.2-ohm mesh coil. Mesh coils are known for their ability to heat e-liquid evenly, resulting in better flavor and vapor production. During my time with the MO5000, I was impressed by the quality of vapor it produced. The mesh coil operated silently, without any annoying crackling sounds, and it consistently delivered ample vapor with each puff. It’s evident that Lost Mary has put effort into ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.

Battery Life Considerations: While the MO5000’s performance is commendable, it’s worth noting that it comes with a 500 mAh battery. While this capacity is sufficient for most users, it’s essential to be mindful of the battery’s status. As the battery discharges, you may notice a gradual decrease in vapor strength and overall vape quality. To maintain the richest flavor experience, I recommend ensuring that the device is fully charged before use. It’s a minor concern but one worth keeping in mind.

Its slightly reduced throat hit, thanks to synthetic nicotine, is compensated by its quick and responsive draw activation. The inclusion of a high-quality mesh coil ensures even heating and excellent vapor production without any annoying crackling noises. While the 500 mAh battery may lead to a gradual decrease in vapor strength, it’s a minor drawback considering the overall performance and value offered by this device.

lost mary vape mo5000


The MO5000’s design is a clear standout. Its elongated C-frame, non-slip faux resin exterior, and clear elongated mouthpiece give it a high-end and stylish appearance. It’s comfortable to hold, and the rubberized finish adds to the overall feel of luxury. While it can be a bit smooth and slippery at times, it’s a minor inconvenience given its other impressive qualities.

The MO5000 offers a luxurious vaping experience without the hefty price tag. Priced at just $15 for a device that delivers up to 5,000 puffs, it’s a fantastic value for those who want to enjoy the finer things in vaping without breaking the bank.

The MO5000 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to features. It boasts a 1.2-ohm mesh coil and a generous 13.5 mL capacity of synthetic nic salt juice, a rarity in the disposable vape world. What truly sets it apart is the rechargeable 500 mAh battery with a convenient USB-C connection. This feature alone makes it a standout among disposable vapes.

The MO5000 delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Its slightly reduced throat hit due to synthetic nicotine doesn’t compromise the overall satisfaction. The draw activation is highly responsive, and the mesh coil operates silently while producing ample vapor. The only minor concern is the 500 mAh battery, which may require occasional recharging for the best performance.

Lost Mary MO5000 is a unique and elegant addition to the world of disposable vapes. Its stylish design, rechargeable battery, and affordability make it a compelling choice for vapers seeking a special vaping experience. While it may not offer an extensive array of flavors, its overall performance and design make it well worth considering.

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