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Is Element Vape Legit? A Quirky Investigation into the Vaping Phenomenon

Have you ever found yourself staring at the screen, credit card in hand, pondering whether Element Vape is the real deal or just another fog machine? Well, fret not, fellow cloud chasers! Today, we’re diving deep into the misty realms of Element Vape to uncover whether it’s a legitimate oasis for your vaping needs or just a mirage in the vape desert. Grab your mods, hold on to your e-juices, and let’s get to the bottom of this vaping mystery!

What on Earth is Element Vape?

Element Vape burst onto the scene like a cloud of sweet-smelling vapor, quickly becoming a go-to spot for vape enthusiasts. But what is it exactly? It’s an online retailer that promises a dizzying array of vaping products—from the latest mods and kits to a vast selection of e-liquids.

First impressions matter, and Element Vape’s website greets you with a slick design that’s as smooth as a well-oiled vape coil. Navigation is a breeze, almost as if it’s designed by vapers, for vapers. They’ve got sections for newbies and pros alike, which means you’re likely to find what you need, whether it’s your first vape or your fiftieth.

The Legitimacy Ledger

To gauge if Element Vape is legit, a peek at user reviews is a must. With an abundance of positive ratings across various platforms, it seems like a good sign. Happy customers often praise their swift shipping and customer service that actually understands your pain when you’re vape-less due to a shipping mishap.

Element Vape isn’t just throwing smoke rings; they’re accredited by reputable institutions and have the necessary certifications that a legitimate business in the vaping world would have. They’re as legitimate as the nicotine hit from a brand-new pod!

The Vape Cloud Quality Check

There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a knockoff when you were expecting the real McCoy. Element Vape stakes its reputation on providing authentic products sourced directly from manufacturers. Each product comes with scratch codes that can be verified for authenticity, which certainly adds a layer of trust.

Is Element Vape a wallet-friendly haven? Absolutely! Their prices are competitive, often undercutting some of the brick-and-mortar stores. Plus, they throw in deals and discounts that would make even the most penny-pinching vaper click ‘add to cart.’

Customer Service: The Real MVP

One of the pillars of a legit online store is robust customer service. Element Vape offers multiple lines of communication—phone, email, and even live chat. Having multiple ways to reach out is like having a vape shop right in your living room.

Issues? Element Vape has a track record of tackling them head-on. Whether it’s a delayed shipment or a defective product, their customer service team seems to be on a mission to ensure you’re not left in the vapor-filled dark.


So, is Element Vape legit? Our investigation concludes that yes, it is indeed as legitimate as the satisfaction of a perfect vape cloud on a sunny day. With their solid selection, authentic products, competitive prices, and stellar customer service, Element Vape seems to be a shining beacon for vapers everywhere. So go ahead, give them a whirl, and may your clouds be ever flavorful!


1. Is Element Vape safe to buy from?

Absolutely! Shopping at Element Vape is safer than trying to mix your own DIY e-juice without spilling. They use secure payment methods and ensure your data is as protected as a coil in a new tank. So you can shop with peace of mind, knowing your details are more secure than your vape in a locked car.

2. How long does shipping take with Element Vape?

If you’re more impatient than a vaper on a low battery, fret not. Element Vape typically ships out your goodies within 1-2 business days. Depending on how far you are from the misty shores of their warehouse, your package could arrive faster than you can say, “I need more juice!” Usually, it’s about 3-7 business days, but let’s be honest, time flies when you’re waiting for vape mail!

3. Can I return a product to Element Vape?

Yes, you can! If you’re about as satisfied with your purchase as a cloud chaser with a low battery mod, Element Vape has a 30-day return policy for most unopened and unused products. Just make sure it’s in the same condition it arrived in—no secret seshes with the new gear before sending it back!

4. Does Element Vape offer international shipping?

Element Vape is like that friend who loves to travel – they do offer international shipping to many countries. However, keep in mind that shipping rates and times might vary faster than your vape tastes when switching from tobacco to tropical fruit. Always check their shipping policy or contact customer service to confirm they ship to your country!

5. Are the products sold by Element Vape authentic?

Yes, they’re as real as the frustration when your favorite juice runs out. Element Vape prides itself on offering only genuine products. They come with scratch codes for verification directly from the manufacturers—so no fakes, only great vapes!

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