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Core Infinity CR6000: The Vape That’s Redefining Durability and Affordability

Core Vape


Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Impressive 6,000 Puffs
  • Modern, Stylish Design
  • Innovative Mesh Coil
  • Large Airflow
  • Durable Clear Shell
  • 21 Flavor Options
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Non-Adjustable Airflow
  • Single Use Only
  • No Activation Button
  • Limited Battery Life
  • High Nicotine Content (5%)

The Core Infinity CR6000 offers an extraordinary vaping experience at an affordable price point of $16. Boasting 6,000 puffs, a sleek modern design, and a mesh coil for optimal flavor, this device clearly sets a new standard in the disposable vape market. However, it’s not without its flaws—like a non-adjustable airflow and limited battery life. Yet, its rechargeable feature and wide range of flavors make it a highly appealing option for both novice and seasoned vapers.


Puff Count6000 Puffs
Nicotine Strength5% Nicotine Salt
E-Liquid Volume12ml
Battery Specs650mAh, Rechargeable via Type-C
Coil TypeMesh Coil
InhalationAutomatic Pull Activation (No Button Required)
LED FeatureBattery and Usage Status Indicator
Airflow DesignNon-Adjustable for Consistent Draw

In the crowded market of vaping devices, many products claim to be revolutionary, but few genuinely deliver on that promise. The Core Infinity CR6000 is different. It doesn’t just offer incremental updates or cosmetic changes; this device brings substantive improvements to the table. If you’re like me, a seasoned vaper who’s looking for quality and performance in a vaping device, then this review is for you. The Core Infinity CR6000 has changed how I view what a vaping device can offer, and it’s worth taking a closer look. Let’s get into the details.


A low price point usually signals compromises in build, functionality, or longevity. Yet, when I got my hands on the Core Infinity CR6000, priced at a surprisingly modest $16, I was ready to question that generalization.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I was skeptical at first. How could a device promising 6,000 puffs, a 650mAh rechargeable battery, and a selection of 21 flavors be priced so affordably? It defied logic, especially in an industry where premium products often demand a hefty investment. But as I delved deeper into what the Core Infinity CR6000 offers, it became increasingly clear that this device was an exception to the rule.

What we’ve got here isn’t just a budget-friendly vape; it’s a well-engineered piece of hardware that doesn’t skimp on quality. Sure, you can find cheaper disposables, but none that offer the same battery capacity or flavor range. Then consider the rechargeable battery—a feature often reserved for pricier models.

The point I’m trying to make is that while the price may be low, the value is exceptionally high. You’re not just saving money upfront; you’re also cutting long-term costs by investing in a device that’s built to last . This is an e-cigarette that delivers far more than its modest price tag would suggest. And for a seasoned vaper like myself, stumbling upon a high-value device like the Core Infinity CR6000 feels like hitting the jackpot.If you’re budget-conscious but unwilling to compromise on quality and features, this is a device you can’t afford to overlook.

core vape

Design & Quality

Dive into the clear shell that wraps around the device. This is no mere stylistic choice; it’s design with intent. The heavy, transparent casing doesn’t just add an artistic flair—it allows a full view into the device’s inner mechanics. This isn’t eye candy for the sake of eye candy; it’s a functional feature that brings a whole new layer of interaction and engagement. Not many vape devices let you literally see what’s going on under the hood, and this transparency offers a unique, almost intimate, connection to the device.

And let’s not ignore the tactile experience. The rounded, smooth exterior doesn’t just look good; it feels purpose-built to fit seamlessly into the palm of my hand. The ergonomics are spot-on, and that’s a big deal for someone like me who values comfort in a device that’s going to spend a lot of time in my grip.

The phrase “sleek and stylish” gets thrown around a lot, but the Core Infinity CR6000 genuinely earns that description. It’s an example of sophistication manifested in a vaping device. It’s more than just good-looking; it exudes a certain caliber of elegance that sets it apart from a sea of generic designs. The device doesn’t just catch the eye; it keeps your attention, demanding that you appreciate its aesthetic merits.

But what really ties everything together is the sheer quality of the craftsmanship. Every component, from the mesh coil to the non-adjustable yet highly effective airflow system, exudes a sense of quality. There’s no sense that any corner was cut or any detail was too small to merit attention. This device is not disposable in the flimsy, use-it-and-toss-it sense; it feels like a substantial piece of hardware that you’d be happy to keep around for the long haul.

core vape

Battery and Charging

I can’t stress enough how crucial a dependable battery is for a vaping device. The Core Infinity CR6000 comes equipped with a 650mAh rechargeable battery, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. This isn’t some lackluster power source that leaves you stranded when you’re itching for a good vape session; it’s a powerhouse that goes the distance. I’ve used many devices in my vaping career, but the CR6000’s battery life genuinely stands out.

Charging this device is as simple as it gets, thanks to the Type-C USB input. Gone are the days of fumbling with proprietary chargers or settling for slow-charging micro USB cables. The Type-C charging not only adds an extra layer of convenience, but it also ensures quicker recharge times, getting you back to vaping faster than many other devices on the market.

Many devices have some form of battery indicator, but the one on the Core Infinity CR6000 is particularly helpful. It’s not just there to look cool—although it does that pretty well—it serves a functional purpose. The LED light changes color based on the battery’s current charge level, eliminating the guesswork and potential unpleasant surprises. No more having to wonder when the device will give out on you; the LED keeps you in the loop, so you can plan your sessions accordingly.

But it’s not just about the raw specs. What impressed me the most is the integration between the device’s battery management system and its overall performance. Even when the battery level starts getting low, I didn’t notice any significant drop in the quality of vapor or flavor. It’s a steady, consistent experience from the first puff to the last, and that, to me, is a sign of a well-engineered device.

Moreover, the Core Infinity CR6000’s battery and charging system are built to last. I haven’t experienced any deterioration in battery life even after multiple charge cycles. It feels like a device that’s designed for longevity, rather than one that’ll end up in the bin after a few months. It instills confidence, making you feel like you’ve made an investment in a quality product, rather than a temporary solution.

core vape


The device offers a staggering array of 21 flavors. Yes, you read that right—21! From traditional favorites to more exotic concoctions, there’s a flavor profile to satisfy just about any palate.

The Blue Razz Dragon Fruit was the first one I tried, and it didn’t disappoint. The blend of tangy raspberry and exotic dragon fruit created a unique flavor profile that had me taking puff after puff. It’s a harmonious combination that lingers long after the vapor has dissipated. If you’re looking for something familiar yet distinct, this is it.

But if you’re into more adventurous offerings, Chunky Monkey should be right up your alley. It’s a wild blend that takes your taste buds on a roller coaster of flavors. Chocolate, banana, and a hint of nuts—it’s like eating a decadent dessert without any of the guilt. And the flavor doesn’t wane as you go through the pod; it remains consistently delicious until the last puff.

Being an American brand, it’s evident that the company has tailored these flavors to resonate with American taste preferences. They’re rich, they’re layered, and they’re incredibly satisfying. For those who prefer fruity and tropical vibes, the Strawberry Pina Colada is a no-brainer. It brings the beach right to your mouth, offering a sweet, yet tart mix of strawberry and pineapple, finished off with a smooth coconut aftertaste. It’s an escapade, alright—one that you’ll want to go on again and again.

If you’re someone who can’t start their day without coffee, but you’re also looking for a nicotine experience, Iced Coffee flavor has you covered. It captures the essence of a freshly brewed cup, complete with a chill that mimics a real iced coffee. It’s a caffeine-free kick that still manages to energize your senses. The balance of coffee bitterness and a subtle sweet undertone is impeccably executed, making it one of my go-to flavors when I need that midday pick-me-up.

The flavor profiles are not just wide-ranging; they are incredibly well-executed. Each puff delivers a full-bodied experience that captures the essence of the named flavor without any synthetic or artificial aftertaste. Whether you’re in it for the fruitiness, the sweetness, or that special blend that takes you back to a particular memory or place, the Core Infinity CR6000 has you covered.


The device offers almost 7,000 puffs, a number that’s staggering when you compare it to what most other devices in its price range offer. 7,000 puffs mean you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon, and you get your money’s worth every single time you inhale.

Then there’s the mesh coil, a feature that’s increasingly becoming a must-have in modern vape devices but is still not a given in this price range. Mesh coils are known for their even heating, which is essential for bringing out the fullness of the flavor. And the Core Infinity CR6000 utilizes this to perfection. Every puff feels like a full-bodied experience, rich in flavor and satisfyingly smooth.

The airflow system is non-adjustable, which could be a downside for some but is actually an advantage here. It’s dialed in to provide a consistently excellent draw, every single time. There’s no fumbling around with settings to get that ‘perfect puff’; the device does it for you. The draw is smooth and gives off a generous amount of vapor, providing a balance that caters to both cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts.

Automatic pull activation is another feature that adds to the device’s ease of use. There are no buttons, no menus, and no complications whatsoever. You pick it up, take a draw, and you’re vaping. It’s as straightforward as that. This makes the Core Infinity CR6000 suitable for both beginners and seasoned vapers who just want a hassle-free experience.

In terms of the technical specifics, the device is equipped with the latest features you would expect from a high-end model. It’s evident that a lot of thought has been put into the engineering behind this device. It’s not just about how many puffs it offers or the variety of flavors; it’s about the complete experience—consistent, quality draws, ease of use, and satisfaction after every puff.

The automatic pull activation eliminates any learning curve. No need to fumble around with buttons or settings; just pick it up and vape. For seasoned vapers like myself, this is a breath of fresh air. It allows you to focus on what you’re really here for—the vaping experience, without any of the complexities that often come with modern devices.


At just $16, it shatters preconceived notions about what a budget-friendly vape device can deliver. Boasting a remarkable battery life, a robust variety of 21 flavors, and a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, this device exceeds expectations at nearly every turn.

The battery is not just long-lasting but also quickly rechargeable, thanks to the Type-C USB port. The flavors range from the familiar to the adventurous, all executed with an impressive degree of quality. Add to this the device’s straightforward usability, thanks to features like automatic pull activation, and you’ve got a device that serves both novices and seasoned vapers well. It’s mesh coil system and finely-tuned, non-adjustable airflow make every draw a satisfying event. It’s this consistency, backed by nearly 7,000 puffs of longevity, that makes this device not just a purchase but an investment.

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