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Clearing the Air: John Dunne’s Humorous Guide to the UK’s Vaping Regulations

In a world where the word ‘vape’ brings a misty cloud to mind, John Dunne, the ever-energetic Director General of the UK Vapor Industry Association (UKVIA), has embarked on a flavorful journey to China. His mission? To sprinkle some regulatory know-how and a pinch of British humor among the steam businesses of China, navigating the foggy future of the UK’s vaping scene. Let’s dive into the swirling vapors of change as John lays down the law, flavored with a dash of laughter.

The Grand Tour Begins

John Dunne didn’t just cross continents to offer sage advice; he came to deliver a stand-up routine disguised as a seminar. Speaking at the Electronics Chamber of Commerce of China (ECCC) E-Cigarette Industry Committee headquarters, Dunne lit up the room—not with a vape, but with his sparkling wit and deep knowledge of the UK’s regulatory vape-scape. As he unpacked the complexities of the Tobacco and Vapes Bill, the audience was treated not just to a lecture, but to an engaging show that highlighted how upcoming changes would reshape the industry.

In his talks, John explained that starting April next year, the UK will wave goodbye to disposable e-cigarettes. This part of his presentation was met with wide eyes and a few gasps. But ever the comedian, Dunne reassured them, “Think of it as decluttering your drawers—out with the old, in with the compliant!” His lighthearted approach helped ease the tension, making the regulatory pill a little easier to swallow.

The Flavor Ban Fiasco

One could say that the UK’s decision to potentially ban flavored vapes could leave a bland taste in your mouth. Dunne tackled this with a spice of humor at his presentation. “Imagine having a plate full of your favorite foods, but you can only smell them,” he joked, drawing laughter as he outlined the possible future where ministers could have the power to decide which vape flavors make the cut and which are snuffed out.

Dunne outlined the serious implications behind the fun, emphasizing how crucial it is for companies to adapt swiftly to these changes. “Staying ahead means staying informed—and possibly, less tasty,” he quipped, urging his audience to keep a close eye on legislative updates if they wanted their businesses to remain on the right side of the law—and the Channel.

Safety First, Fun Second

John then steered the discussion toward more pressing issues such as the protection of minors and the importance of battery recycling. With the grace of a seasoned comedian, he compared vape batteries to in-laws, “You need to handle them with care, and it’s best they’re recycled properly.” This comparison not only brought down the house but also underscored the serious message of environmental responsibility and consumer safety.

He stressed the importance of these issues, which resonate deeply with politicians, regulators, and the public alike. “Every company operating in the UK must comply fully with local laws—it’s not just a good practice; it’s your business lifeline,” Dunne stated, ensuring his message was crystal clear amidst the laughter.

Global Vapors Unite!

In his concluding remarks, John highlighted the ongoing partnership between UKVIA and the ECCC. “Together, we’re like the dynamic duo of vaping, working to ensure you all can meet regulations and still manage to produce some clouds,” he said, fostering a sense of unity and collective effort. His vision for global cooperation to promote the development and prosperity of the global steam industry was not just about compliance but about creating a sustainable, responsible, and innovative vaping future.

Dunne left his audience not only more knowledgeable about the UK’s upcoming regulatory landscape but also a little lighter in spirit. His message was clear: While the regulatory environment might be complex and fluid, approaching it with the right blend of seriousness and humor can make all the difference.


John Dunne’s trip to China might have been a deep dive into the complex world of vaping regulations, but his approach—infused with humor and relatability—ensured that his message was both impactful and memorable. As the vape clouds continue to swirl, one thing’s for sure: with leaders like Dunne at the helm, navigating these misty waters will be anything but dull.

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