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Can You Fly with a Vape? The Highs and Lows of Air Travel with Your Trusty Device

So, you’re planning to jet off to new heights and wondering if your vape can come along for the ride? Traveling with vaping devices can be a bit like navigating a cloud of vapor—slightly confusing and often shrouded in mystery. In this article, we’ll clear the air on whether you can take your vape on a plane, unpacking all the rules, tips, and a few giggles along the way. Buckle up and prepare for a journey into the clouds (vape clouds, that is) as we dive into everything you need to know about flying high with your vape gear.

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Understanding Airline Policies on Vapes

First things first: Can you actually bring your vape on a plane? The answer is yes, but there are rules. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are allowed in carry-on bags but are a no-go in checked luggage. This rule is in place because vapes, like any good reality show cast, have a potential for drama (read: fire hazard). Keeping them close in the cabin allows for quicker action should any issues arise. Remember, rules can vary by airline, so it’s a good idea to double-check with your carrier to avoid any up-in-the-air drama at the gate.

Each airline might have its own set of quirks and guidelines about vaping devices. For instance, while you can bring your vape device aboard, using it or charging it during the flight is typically against the rules. It’s a bit like having a dance party in your seat—fun in theory but a definite no according to flight regulations. So, keep your device off and stored away; there’s plenty of time to cloud chase once you land.

Packing Your Vape Correctly

Now that you know you can bring your vape, let’s talk about packing it. The key is to prevent activation during the flight. Think of your vape like a sleeping baby—best left undisturbed. Keep all batteries securely installed in the device or, if they’re removable, packed in battery cases to prevent short circuits. E-liquids can be tricky too. They need to comply with the TSA’s liquids rule, which means containers must be 100 ml or less and all packed in a clear, quart-sized bag.

It’s also smart to fully empty your device of any e-liquid to avoid leakage that could set off a series of unfortunate events (none of which include meeting Neil Patrick Harris). Pack spare coils and pods as if they’re fragile treasures—because nobody likes a squished coil or a broken pod after a long flight. And just like you wouldn’t throw your pearls to swine, don’t toss your vape gear in with your checked shoes and belts. Keep it close in your carry-on.

Marching through airport security with a vape can feel like stepping onto a stage. Spotlight’s on you! Make the process smoother by having your vape and its components easily accessible. This means having your device out of your bag and ready for inspection, just like your laptop or jacket. Security personnel might give it a look-over to ensure it’s not a covert spy gadget—or at least, that’s how you can make the story more interesting when you recount it later.

Prepare to explain your vape gear to security if asked. Keep the mood light and friendly—security agents are just doing their job, after all. Having everything neatly organized shows that you’re responsible and knowledgeable about the rules, which might help speed things along. Remember, the goal is to get you and your vape through security so fast that you have time to grab a coffee and a magazine before your flight.

Tips for a Smooth Flight with Your Vape

Once you’re past security, you’re almost in the clear. But here are a few tips to ensure your flight is as smooth as your favorite vape juice. First, resist the temptation to sneak a puff in the airplane bathroom. Smoke detectors in planes are highly sensitive and can detect vapor as easily as they can smoke. Getting caught could mean fines or even getting banned from the airline, turning your sky-high adventure into a serious downer.

Second, keep your device stored safely in your carry-on during the flight. The changes in pressure can cause leaking, so maybe wrap your vape in a small towel or some clothes to catch any wayward drops. And remember, just because you can’t use your vape, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some relaxation. Download some good music, perhaps a podcast, and chill out. Your vape will be ready for you once you land, and you’ll be all the more ready to enjoy it.


Traveling by air with a vape device is perfectly permissible, but it’s important to adhere to specific airline and TSA regulations to ensure a smooth journey. You can carry your vape in your hand luggage, but never in checked baggage due to potential fire hazards. Before flying, check the individual airline policies, as these can vary. Properly pack your vape by securing any batteries, adhering to liquid restrictions, and preparing for a straightforward airport security check. Remember, using or charging your vape on the plane is prohibited. By understanding these guidelines and packing smartly, you can navigate air travel with your vape, ensuring compliance and convenience when you ask, “Can you fly with a vape?”


1. Can I bring my vape on an international flight?

Yes, you can bring your vape on international flights, but the same rules apply as with domestic flights. Your vaping device must be carried in your hand luggage, not checked baggage. Be sure to check the specific regulations of the destination country, as vaping laws can vary significantly around the world.

2. What should I do with my vape juice when flying?

Vape juice must comply with TSA liquid regulations, which state that all liquids, gels, and aerosols must be in 100 ml (3.4 ounces) or smaller containers, and all containers must fit in one clear, quart-sized plastic zip-top bag. Make sure your e-liquids are securely sealed to prevent leaks during changes in cabin pressure.

3. How do I pack spare batteries for my vape?

Spare lithium batteries must be carried in your carry-on luggage, not checked baggage. It’s recommended to store them in individual battery cases to prevent short-circuiting. Make sure the terminals are protected and the batteries are kept away from metal objects and other conductors.

4. Can I use my vape on the airplane?

No, using or charging your vape on the airplane is strictly prohibited. The cabin is a no-smoking area, which includes the use of e-cigarettes or any vaping devices. Ignoring this rule can lead to fines and potentially being banned from the airline.

5. How do I handle airport security with my vape?

To smoothly navigate airport security with your vape, have your device easily accessible in your carry-on luggage for inspection. Separate it from other electronics if possible, and be prepared to explain its purpose to security personnel. Keeping everything organized and transparent can help speed up the security process.

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